Difference Between Maki and Sushi

Main Difference – Maki vs Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy consisting of vinegared rice and other ingredients such as seafood, and vegetables. All sushi has a base of rice, complemented with other ingredients and it is this rice that is called the sushi, not the fish. The term sushi describes a broad range of dishes, and two of the commonest types of sushi dishes include Nigiri and maki. Maki is a cylindrically shaped sushi that includes toasted seaweed nori rolled around vinegared rice and various fillings. The main difference between Maki and Sushi is that Maki is a type of Sushi that is cylindrical in shape, but Sushi can come in various shapes.

What is Maki

Maki is a type of sushi that is cylindrical in shape. Layers of raw or cooked fish, vegetables, and vinegared rice is placed on a sheet of dried seaweed and rolled into a cylinder. Then it is cut into several pieces. This filling can be also wrapped in a thin omelet, soy paper, and cucumber.

Maki can also be divided into several types depending on the thickness and the filling of the roll. Given below are some of these types.

Futomaki is a large cylindrical piece with the diameter of about 2 inches. It can have two or three ingredients in the filling, and it is usually vegetarian.

Hosomaki is a small cylindrical piece with the diameter of about 1 inch. Its filling typically consists of only one ingredient.

Temaki, a large cone-shaped piece, filled with various ingredients is meant to be eaten with hands.

Uramaki is an inside out roll; it medium-sized cylindrical piece where the rice is outside the roll. It is typically eaten outside Japan.Difference Between Maki and Sushi

What is Sushi

Sushi is vinegar flavored rice combined with seafood, vegetables, and other ingredients. The ingredients and the preparation of the sushi may greatly vary, but rice is the main ingredients that all sushi have in common. Rice used in sushi can be either brown or white. It is always served with a variety of condiments such as pickled ginger, Wasabi and soy sauce.

The term sushi applies to a wide range of dishes and given below are some common sushi types.

Chirashizushi bowl of vinegared rice topped with sashimi and other garnishes.

Narezushi is a traditional form of fermented sushi. Rice is served with fish that is skinned, gutted, and fermented for six months with salt.

Inarizushi is made by filling sushi rice to a pouch of tofu and frying.

Makizushi is made by placing the sushi rice and other ingredients in a nori (seaweed) and rolling them.Main Difference - Maki vs Sushi

Difference Between Maki and Sushi


Maki is cylindrically shaped sushi that includes toasted seaweed nori rolled around vinegared rice and various fillings.

Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of vinegared rice and other ingredients such as seafood, and vegetables.


Maki is cylindrical in shape.

Sushi can have various shapes.


Maki is made out of sushi rice, filling and the seaweed mat (nori).

Sushi is made out of vinegared rice and ingredients such as vegetables and seafood.Difference Between Maki and Sushi - infographic

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