Difference Between Mexican and Spanish

Main Difference – Mexican vs. Spanish

Mexican and Spanish are two groups of people belonging to different nationalities and thus there exist certain differences between them. The main difference between Mexican and Spanish is that Mexican can either be used to refer to a native or inhabitant of Mexico, a country situated in Latin America or else to something of Mexican origin, while Spanish refers to something or someone originating from Spain, a European country. It is important to look at some similarities between these nationalities, before discussing the difference between Mexican and Spanish.

The main similarity between these two nationalities is their language; both Mexicans and Spaniards speak the Spanish language. They are both predominantly Roman Catholic. Some similarities can be noted in their culture as well. In this article, we are going to focus our attention on the most significant difference between Mexican and Spanish such as language, ancestry, and appearance of people.

What Does Mexican Mean

A Mexican refers to a native or inhabitant of Mexico. Mexico is a country situated in the southern part of North America. The history of Mexico covers nearly three millennia, the first ancient Mexican civilization was established by Olmecs somewhere around 1000 BC; they were followed by Teotihuacan, the Zapotecs and Mixtecs of Monte Alban, the Maya of Yucatan Toltecs, Aztecs.

The Aztec empire was invaded by the Spanish in the 16th century, and Mexico remained a colony of Spain from 1519 to 1821. It was during this period that the Spanish language was first introduced to Mexico. Today it is the national language of Mexico. However, However, Spanish spoken by Mexicans is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. Distinct differences can be observed in the pronunciation, vocabulary (particularly slang) and grammar.

Talking about the origins and physical appearance of Mexicans, the Mexican population is almost entirely of mestizo(mixed) background, and many people have Native American ancestries like Aztec and Mayan. Families of pure Spanish or European ancestry are very rare in Mexico. 29% of the Mexican people are of pure indigenous heritage while 60% have mixed indigenous and white heritage. Only 10% of the population have a white or pure Spanish heritage. As seen from these percentages, it is clear that physical appearance of people might vary. Some Mexicans might have white skin but indigenous racial features while others might have dark skin but European facial features.Difference Between Mexican and Spanish

What Does Spanish Mean

Spain is a sovereign state that is situated on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish are a nation and ethnic group native to Spain that share a common Spanish culture and speak the Spanish language as a native language. Castilian Spanish is the official language of Spain though other varieties like Basque, Catalan and Galician are also spoken commonly.

Spanish population can be divided into various regional populations such as Andalusians,  Castilians, the Catalans,  Valencians and Balearics and Basque. Spaniards can have Spanish, Basque, Moorish, Gitano or Jewish ancestries.

Main Difference - Mexican vs Spanish

What is the Difference Between Mexican and Spanish


Mexicans speak Spanish (Mexican Spanish)

Spaniards speak Spanish (mainly Castilian)


Mexicans have mestizo, Native American or Spanish origins.

Spaniards can trace their origins to Mediterranean or Northern Europe.

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