Difference Between Motto and Slogan

Main Difference – Motto vs Slogan

Mottos and Slogans are both short, catchy phrases or sentences. Although many people assume them to be the same, there is a distinct difference between motto and slogan. Slogan expresses a belief or ideal of an individual, group or an organization. Motto is an attention-grabbing phrase that is used to promotion or advertising. This is the main difference between motto and slogan.

What is a Motto

A motto is a short sentence or phrase that reflects the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or institution. Therefore, it can be defined as a phrase or sentence that encapsulates beliefs or ideals. It also guides the behavior of a particular person or group. Countries, cities, organizations, institutes, as well as families, may have mottos. For example, Dominus illuminatio mea is the motto of the University of Oxford. They are the opening words of Psalm 27, meaning The Lord is my light. Given below are some mottos.



State Sovereignty, National Union

The state of Illinois

Thought the harder, heart the keener

University of Essex

Equality before the law

The state of Nebraska

The only easy day was yesterday


Citius – Altius – Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger)


Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity


‎Ancora imparo (I am still learning)

Monash University

Main Difference - Motto vs Slogan

Emmbrook School Badge and Motto

What is a Slogan

A slogan is a brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion. It may be similar to a motto, but the difference between motto and slogan is that slogan is mainly created to attract attention. Therefore, it is short and striking or memorable. Slogans describe a product or a service, unlike mottos that mainly describe qualities. Slogans can be even shorter than mottos. Given below is a list of some famous slogans.

The New York Times – All the News That’s Fit to Print

Nike – Just Do It

Apple – Think Different

McDonald’s – I’m Loving it

 L’Oréal – Because You’re Worth it

CocaCola  – Taste the Feeling

Qatar Airways – Going Places Together

Difference Between Motto and Slogan

Difference Between Motto and Slogan


Motto is a short sentence or phrase that reflects the beliefs or ideals of an individual, family, or institution.

Slogan is a brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion.


Motto generally describes a quality.

Slogan describes products or services.


Mottos are generally longer than slogans.

Slogans may be shorter than mottos.


Motto is not created for advertising or promoting.

Slogan is created for advertising or promoting.Difference Between Motto and Slogan - infographic

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