Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine

Main Difference – Newspaper vs Magazine

Newspaper and Magazine are two modes of communication via print media that is used by millions of people all over the world. Though both newspaper and magazine seem to have the same purpose and feature, there are distinct differences between these two print media. The main difference between newspaper and magazine is that newspapers contain relatively short articles on current news  while magazines contains  longer articles on a variety of subjects. Let us first briefly observe their features separately, before comparing the difference between Newspaper and Magazine.

What is a Newspaper

Newspaper is a serial publication that contains current news and other informative articles. They are a primary source of new, reliable information. The earliest newspaper dates back to 17th Century Europe and “Berrow’s Worcester Journal” is the World’s first (English) newspaper which is still operating. Newspapers are traditionally printed in an inexpensive, low-grade paper. Newspapers can be categorized into fields like Frequency (i.e. daily, weekly, Sunday editions), Geographical Scope and location (i.e. local or regional, national), Subject (i.e. newspapers for youth, children, businessmen etc.) and Technology (traditional newspaper and online newspaper). Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), The Times of India (India), Blid (Germany), The Sun (United Kingdom), The Wall Street Journal (The United States) are some of the most famous newspapers in the world.

Key difference between newspaper vs. magazine

What is a Magazine

Magazine is generally a periodical publication that contains information on a variety of subjects. A magazine is usually published weekly or monthly. Magazines belong to various fields like science and technology, fashion, medicine, sports, finance, etc. They are more colorful and glossy than newspapers.“Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen”, a literary and philosophy magazine which was launched in 1663 in Germany is said to be the earliest example of magazines. People, National Geographic, Awake! Readers’ Digest are some famous magazines in the World.

 difference between newspaper and magazine

Difference Between Newspaper and Magazine

The most noted difference between newspaper and magazine exists in their content. Newspapers mostly write about current news in the world and their articles are short (generally under 900 words). However, magazines have longer articles on a variety of subjects such as fashion, sports, movies, medicine, etc. Another difference between newspaper and magazine is their audience. Newspapers have a broad audience as they provide articles for people of all ages and interests while magazines have a specific and targeted audience as they provide information on a specific subject area.

Design and attraction is another difference between newspaper and magazine. Newspapers have simple design and layout, and the content is usually in black and white. However, a magazine is complex in design; it uses a variety of colors and fonts, making the appearance of magazines more attractive than newspapers. A magazine is also more expensive than a newspaper. Another difference that can be observed between these two media is headlines; a newspaper uses catchy headlines in order to attract readers whereas a magazine uses baseline concepts.infogram- village vs city


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