Difference Between Oven and Grill

Main Difference – Oven vs Grill

Oven and grill are appliances that are used for cooking food. The main difference between oven and grill is that oven is a thermally insulated compartment that is used for heating, baking or roasting or drying whereas grill is a device that cooks food by applying heat from below.

What is an Oven

An oven is an enclosed compartment that is usually part of a cooker. It is used for cooking and heating food. Oven is conventionally used for baking, roasting and heating food. Meat, casseroles, baked goods such as cake, bread, puddings, etc. can be prepared using this device. When food is cooked in a regular oven, the temperature is distributed evenly.

In modern times, the oven is a commonly available appliance in many households. Modern ovens are fueled by either electricity or gas. However, the history of ovens dates back to 29 000BC. Ovens are not only used for the purpose of cooking food; special types of ovens are also used in pottery, masonry and metal work.Main Difference - Oven vs Grill

What is a Grill

Grill is an appliance that cooks food by applying heat from below. This has been used by humans since the discovery of fire. Grills are usually used for outdoor cooking. The countertop grills, which are smaller in size, is the exception to this.

Grills can be basically categorized into two: charcoal grill and gas-fueled grill. Grills can be used to prepare meat such as chicken or steak and grilled vegetables.

Food to be grilled can be placed on a grill, a grill pan or a griddle. When the food is directly placed on the grill, the heat is transferred to the food through thermal radiation. The heat is not distributed evenly as the heat is only applied from below.Difference Between Oven and Grill

Difference Between Oven and Grill


Oven is an enclosed compartment, usually part of a cooker, used for cooking and heating food.

Grill is a device that cooks food by applying heat from below.

Heat Distribution

Oven can distribute the heat evenly.

Grills do not distribute the heat evenly.


Ovens can be powered by electric, gas, or propane.

Grills can be powered by gas or charcoal.


The temperature of the oven is easier to manage.

The temperature of the grill is not as easy to manage.

Type of Food

Oven can be used to prepare food such as casseroles, pies, cake, bread, puddings, etc.

Grill can be used to prepare food such as meat, steak and grilled vegetables.


Ovens are generally used indoors.

Grills are mostly used outdoors.

Cooking Time

Ovens (conventional) takes a lot of time to cook.

Grills take comparatively less amount of time.Difference Between Oven and Grill -infographic

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