Difference Between Packing and Packaging

Main Difference – Packing vs Packaging

Packing and Packaging are two activities that refer to the process of enclosing or protecting products for sale or transport. Many consider packing and packaging to be the same, but it is more accurate to consider these as two steps of the same process. Packing includes preparing a product for transport and storage. Packaging includes preparing a product for storage, transport as well as sale. This means that packaging is also concerned with marketing and promotion, unlike packing. This is the main difference between packing and packaging.

What is Packing

Packing is the preparation of a product for storage or transportation. Packing can be simply defined as the process of wrapping or binding the product in a manner appropriate for transporting, handling or storing. In packing, we can use different processes like wrapping, cushioning, weatherproofing, sealing, etc. The process of packing depends on the nature of the product. For example, if the product is very fragile, we use multiple layers of bubble wraps. The noun packing refers to the material used to protect or cover the product and prevent it from moving around. Material such as bubble wrap, cardboard, cellophane, foam packagings, etc. are some examples of packing materials. The purpose of packing is to provide protection against damage, leakage, pilferage, etc. Though we are treating packing and packaging as two processes in this article, it is important to know that packing is part of the packaging.Main Difference - Packing vs Packaging

What is Packaging

Packaging is the technique of enclosing or protecting products for sale or transport. Packaging includes the process of packing, but it does not stop there. It contains many more steps including sales promotion and marketing. Packaging is concerned with the manner in which a product is placed in a container in a safe, comfortable and attractive. It also deals with the appearance, design, colors that would attract consumers since it plays a major role in attracting the consumers.

In the past, packaging consisted of natural materials such as reed baskets, woven bags, clay jars, wooden barrels, etc. But in the contemporary society various synthetic items such as plastic and polythene are used for packaging.

As mentioned above, packaging has several purposes. Protection against damage, contamination is one of the main aims of packaging. The other major purpose is attracting consumers. Packaging helps to attract the consumers in several ways; the design, color and the overall appearance, as well as the product information that is given in the package, may tempt consumers to buy the product.
Difference Between Packing and Packaging

Difference Between Packing and Packaging


Packing is the preparation of a product for storage or transportation.

Packaging is the preparation of a product for transport, storage or sale.


Packing can be considered as the first step of packaging as it only includes wrapping or storing the product protectively.

Packaging also includes labeling, marketing and sales promotion.


Packing is done to ensure the safety of the product.

Packaging is done to protect the product and attract consumers.

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