Difference Between Pug and Bulldog

Main Difference – Pug vs Bulldog

Pug and bulldog are very popular companions among dog lovers in many countries of the world. They are among the best pet dog breeds due to their lovable and playful behavior. These two dog breeds look very much alike due to their stout bodies and wrinkled faces. But a pug is smaller than a bulldog. The main difference between pug and bulldog is that pug has a round head whereas bulldog has a broad, square shaped head.

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1. Pug
      – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior
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      – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior
3. Difference Between Pug and Bulldog
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Pug – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior

Pugs have very long history, going back to 400 BC. It is believed that they have been evolved from Tibetan Mastiff. Pugs were first registered by AKC in 1885. Unlike most other breeds, this breed was bred exclusively for companionship.

The height at withers is around 10-11”, while the weight is between 6.5 to 8 kgs. The coat is very fine, short, glossy and flat. It comes in various colors including fawn and apricot, silver, and black. Their lifespan is around 13-15 years. Pugs have stout, compact and heavily build body. The head is large and round with prominent forehead wrinkles. Eyes are dark, shallow and very large. The tail is curled and rests tightly over the hip joint. Their legs are straight and moderate in length.

Difference Between Pug and Bulldog

Figure 01: Pug

Pugs are lovable, playful, independently minded, and stable. They go well with children. Low grooming and moderate exercise are recommended for pugs. This dog breed cannot tolerate hot weather.

Bulldog – Facts, Features, Characteristics, and Behavior

The early ancestors of bulldogs were created in the British Isles for the purpose bull baiting. The first standard bulldog breed was reported in 1964. This dog breed has become one of the most popular dog breeds that have built a good companionship with humans.

In general, their height at withers is 12-14”, while the weight is about 20 kgs. Their coat is flat, glossy and short. The hairs are fine, and they possess white, brindle, red, fawn and piebald coat colors. The longevity of bulldog is about 10-12 years. They have medium-sized bodies with massive heads. The head is broad and square. Their muscle is very short, and the nose is broad. The flews are large and overhang the lower jaws. Wrinkles are very prominent in the head and face. The lower jaw is prognathic and noticeable. The eyes are round, dark, front facing and moderate in size. The ears are wide, high set and thin-layered. The neck is short and muscular. The limbs are well muscular, stout and fairly straight. The elbow is broad and located away from the chest.

Main Difference - Pug vs Bulldog

Figure 2: Bulldog

This dog breed is kind, gentle with family, children and other pets. Grooming bulldogs is easy and Low to moderate exercise is needed. Bulldogs do not like extreme temperatures; therefore, they are recommended as house dogs.

Difference Between Pug and Bulldog


Pug: Pugs originated from China.

Bulldog: Bulldogs originated from the British Isles.

Height at Withers

Pug:  The height at withers is 10-11”.

Bulldog: The height at withers is 12-14”.

Body Size

Pug: Pugs are smaller and less muscular than Bulldogs

Bulldog: Bulldogs are more muscular and larger than pugs.


Pug: Pugs have a large and round head with prominent forehead wrinkles.

Bulldog: Bulldogs have a broad and square head with prominent forehead wrinkles.

Lower Jaw

Pug: The lower jaw is not as prominent as bulldogs’.

Bulldog: Bulldogs have prognathic and very prominent lower jaws.


Pug: Pugs have large,  round eyes.

Bulldog: Bulldogs have moderate sized, round eyes.


Pug: Pugs weigh around 6.5 – 8 kg.

Bulldog: Bulldogs weigh around 18- 22 kg.


Pug: Pugs are good companions.

Bulldog: Bulldogs are good fighters and companions.

Coat Color

Pug: Coat colors include fawn and apricot, silver, and black.

Bulldog: Coat colors include white, brindle, red, fawn and piebald colors.


Pug: Lifespan is 13-15 years.

Bulldog: Lifespan is 10-12 years.


Pug: It is a challenge to housetrain pugs.

Bulldog: Bulldogs need a moderate training.


Pugs and bulldogs are popular companion dogs with very similar appearance. However, the difference between pug and bulldog can be identified from some physical features. Pugs have rounded large heads with more wrinkles, whereas bulldogs have large square shaped heads. The lower jaw of bulldog is more prominent. Both dogs are very playful and lovable dog breeds.


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Image Courtesy:

1. “2.5-year-old fawn male pug” By Abuk SABUK – Own work via
2. “White-red English bulldog” By Quizillafreak – Own work via

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