Difference Between Relish and Chutney

Main Difference – Relish vs Chutney    

Both relish and chutney are condiments or side dishes that are eaten with plain food to add flavor. Although there is a considerable difference between relish and chutney in terms of the ingredients, and preparation, the main difference between relish and chutney is their origins. Chutney is a side dish found in the cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. Relish is a broad term which describes all condiments such as pickles, jams, sauce as well as chutney.

What is a Relish

Relish is a piquant sauce or pickle eaten with a plain, especially a staple food to add flavor. They are usually made with small pieces of vegetables and fruits. The relish may be made with a single type of vegetable or fruit, or a combination of them. A relish is typically not smooth as a sauce although the vegetables or fruits might be finely chopped. It is also not cooked for a long amount of time when compared with chutney.

A relish can be hot or cold, sweet or savory; but there is always a strong flavor that complements or balances the staple food item with which it is served.Main Difference - Relish vs Chutney

What is a Chutney

Chutney is a spicy condiment of Indian origin. It is made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar. Chutneys have a smooth to chunky jam-like consistency as well as a blend of sweet and savory flavor. The sweetness may be the dominant flavor since a certain amount of sugar is also added to the chutney. The underlying sourness though is a result of tangy liquids such as lemon juice and vinegar.

Making chutney is also a way of preserving fruits and vegetables. Chutneys do not contain any preservative though they can be kept for some time. Chutneys can be served fresh or cooked. Fresh chutneys may contain crunchy pieces of fruits and vegetables whereas cooked chutneys may contain smooth pieces.

Difference Between Relish and Chutney

Difference Between Relish and Chutney    


Relish is a piquant sauce or pickle eaten with a plain food to add flavor.

Chutney is a spicy condiment of Indian origin, made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar, spices, and sugar.  


Relish is not of Indian origins.

Chutney is originated in India.


Relish may not have spices.

Chutney contains spices.


Relish is not sweet as a chutney.

Chutney is sweeter than a relish.

Tangy Liquid

Relish may not be made of a tangy liquid.

Chutney is typically made with a tangy liquid.Difference Between Relish and Chutney - infographic

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