Difference Between Sometime and Some Time

Main Difference – Sometime vs Some Time

Although some people tend to use the two terms sometime and some time interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between the two. Sometime is an adverb referring to an unspecified or unknown time. Some time is a noun preceded by an adjective and refers to an amount of time in a time period. This is the main difference between sometime and some time. Therefore, sometime and some time can never be used interchangeably.

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1. What Does Sometime Mean – Grammar, Meaning and Usage

2. What Does Some time Mean – Grammar, Meaning and Usage

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Difference Between Sometime and Some Time- Sometime vs Some Time Comparison Summary

What Does Sometime Mean

Sometime is an adverb. It refers to some unspecified or unknown time. You can use sometime when you do not know the exact time or time period. Sometime can sometimes be replaced by someday. Look at the following examples to understand the meaning and usage of this word better.

Give me a call sometime; we’ll meet for coffee.

I left home sometime after seven.

See you again sometime.

The lectures are expected to start sometime in February.

This book was written sometime around the mid-nineteenth century.

Main Difference - Sometime vs Some Time

Give me a call sometime.

What Does Some time Mean

Some time is not the same as sometime. Here, some acts as an adjective to the noun time. Thus, the expression some time describes an amount of time. It is often used to refer to a long period. Some time can be replaced by quite a while.

He has been living in London for some time now.

It took me some time to understand her joke.

We need some time to finish this project.

She has been learning French for some time.

He has spent some time thinking about this decision.

The term some time in the above examples can be replaced by a specific amount of time as well. For example,

We need some time to finish this project.→ We need 3 months to finish this project.

He has been living in London for some time now.→ He has been living in London for two years now.

Sometime and some time should not be confused with sometimes. Sometimes is an adverb which means occasionally.

Difference Between Sometime and Some Time

He has been sitting there for some time now.

Difference Between Sometime and Some Time


Sometime refers to a vague, unspecific time.

Some time refers to an amount of time.

Grammatical Category

Sometime is an adverb.

Some Time is a noun preceded by an adjective.


Sometime is a one word.

Some Time is two words.


Sometime refers to a vague time.

Some time often refers to a long period of time. 


Sometime can be replaced by someday.

Some time can be replaced by quite a while.

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