Difference Between Sore and Soar

Main Difference – Sore vs. Soar

Sore and soar are homophones: they have the same pronunciation, but different meanings. The main difference between sore and soar is that sore refers to aches, pains and wounds in the body whereas soar refers to the act of flying high in the air or rising rapidly. In addition, sore is a noun or an adjective while soar is a verb.

Sore – Meaning and Usage

Sore can be used in a sentence either as a noun or an adjective. As a noun, sore refers to a wound,  raw or painful place in the body.

The sores on his arms and legs were treated by a doctor.

Sores and scars ran all over his back.

Sore can also refer to a cause or source of distress or annoyance. The word eyesore is derived from sore and refers to an offensive or unpleasant sight.

There is no point in talking about the past and opening old sores, let bygones be bygones.

That building is an eyesore and needs to be demolished.

As an adjective, sore means painful or aching. It is commonly used to refer to a painful or aching place in the body.

After spending the whole night on the floor, I woke up feeling sore all over.

By Monday, her throat was sore, her joints were aching, and she was feeling weak.

In American English, especially in Northern America, sore also means angry or upset. However, this is only considered to be an informal usage.

He accused me of being a sore loser.

That is a sore subject to bring up.

Sore can also be used as an attributive to refer to severe or urgent. However, this is often considered to be an archaic usage.

They were in sore need of help.

The project was in sore need of funds.

Main Difference - Sore vs Soar

After spending the whole night on the couch, he felt sore all over.

Soar – Meaning and Usage

Soar is a verb that refers to the act of flying or rising high up in the air. It is an intransitive verb: it cannot take an object. Soar is often used to describe the flight of birds such as eagles and hawks that fly high.

The bird spread its wings and soared high into the air.

The plane soared into the clouds.

He saw the hawk soar and then sweep low.

Soar is also used often used metaphorically. It can describe a rapid increase.

The fuel prices continued to soar.

When she heard his footsteps, her spirit soared.Difference Between Sore and Soar

Difference Between Sore and Soar


Sore refers to aches, pains and wounds in the body.

Soar refers to the act of flying high in the air or rising rapidly.

Part of Speech

Sore is a noun and an adjective.

Soar is a verb. (intransitive)             


Sore is mostly used to describe a part of the body.

Soar is mostly used to describe the act of flying.

Alternative Meanings

Sore can also mean urgent or severe.

Soar can refer to a rapid increase. Here, the word is used metaphorically.Difference Between Sore and Soar - infographic

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