Difference Between Spend and Spent

Main Difference – Spend vs Spent

Spend is an irregular verb that can have two main meanings. One meaning of spend is to use money to pay for something. The other meaning is pass the time in a particular manner or a particular place. Spent is the past and past participle of spend. Therefore, spend indicates a present action whereas spent indicates a past action. This can be discerned as the main difference between spend and spent.

Spend – Meaning and Usage

Spend is an irregular verb that can have two main meanings. Spend can refer to the act of using money to buy something.

I spend my whole salary to pay her bills.

He calculated the amount he generally spends on clothes.

The company spends £100,000 annually on hardware.

Spend can also refer to the act of using the time to do something or to pass the time in a particular way or particular place.

I usually spend my holidays with my grandparents.

They spend a lot of time travelling.

Do you spend much time in Sydney?

I like to spend time with you.

Main Difference - Spend vs Spent

They spend a lot of time at the beach.

Spent – Meaning and Usage

Spent is the past and the past participle of spend. Thus, spent can be used in a sentence in the following ways. As the past forms of spend, it can refer to:

The act of using money to pay for something

I’ve already spent my whole salary.

She spent no more than hundred dollars.

My parents have spent too much money on this.

The act of passing time in a specified way or a particular place

We spent the entire day on the beach.

She has spent her whole life in Mumbai.

He spent a sleepless night in the tent.

Spent is also used to mean exhausted or given out. It is noteworthy that the sentences that give out this meaning always use spent, not spend. For example,

The hurricane gradually spent itself.

The preliminary surge of interest has spent itself.

In addition, spent can also be used as an adjective. As an adjective, it can mean

Having no energy or power left

Spent of all his energy, he collapsed on the bed.

It seemed to be a spent force.

Having been used and unable to be used again

She found a spent matchstick on the floor.

Spent fuel from nuclear reactors is stored in spent fuel pools.

Difference Between Spend and Spent

I’ve spent a lot of money.

Difference Between Spend and Spent


Spend is an irregular verb meaning to use money to pay for something or to pass time in a particular manner or a particular place.

Spent is the past and the past participle of spend.


Spent is specifically used to mean exhausted or given away.

Spend is not used much used in this manner.

Part of speech

Spend is a verb.

Spent is a verb and an adjective.


Spend indicates present and future.

Spent indicates the present.Difference Between Spend and Spent- infographic

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