Difference Between Subject and Predicate

Main Difference – Subject vs Predicate 

Every sentence has a subject and a predicate. Understanding the difference between subject and predicate is the key to writing grammatically accurate, complete sentences. The main difference between subject and predicate is their function; the subject tells us what or who the sentence is about whereas the predicate describes the action performed by the subject.Difference Between Subject and Predicate - infographic

What is a Subject

Subject is the doer of a sentence; in other words, it is the subject that tells us who or what performs the action denoted by the verb. To find the subject, find the main verb of the sentence first, and then ask the question ‘who’ or ‘what.’ For example,

The child laughed.  – Who laughed?

The cat chased the rat – Who chased the rat?

He was killed in a car accident. – Who was killed?

There are three books on the table. – What are on the table?

After the rain, the children ran out to play. – Who ran out?

Alison likes to eat ice cream. – Who likes to eat ice cream?

The students of the Bandera University went on a trip. – Who went on a trip?

Difference Between Subject and Predicate

The three children ran out to play.

What is a Predicate

Predicate indicates the action performed by the subject. The main verb is the main part of the predicate. In addition, the predicate can contain direct objects, indirect objects, and other various elements.  When you separate the subject from a sentence, everything else left belong to the predicate. The predicate is underlined in the following example sentences:

The girls in our office are pretty.

Sally lied to the teacher.

Amir loves to eat ice cream.

Students of Sherwood University went on a field trip.

She stole my books last week.

He went outside to get some air.

What I don’t understand is your indifference to their problems.

She is an excellent teacher, with 26 years of experience.

Differemce Between Subject and Predicate

Amir loves to eat ice cream

Difference Between Subject and Predicate 


Subject tells us what or who the sentence is about.

Predicate describes the action performed by the subject.


Subject is the person or thing performing the action.

Predicate indicates the action performed by the subject.


Subject is usually a noun, pronoun or noun phrase.

Predicate contains the verb, objects, and other elements.


Subject usually precedes the predicate.

Predicate typically comes after the subject.

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