Difference Between Systemic and Systematic

Main Difference – Systemic vs Systematic

The two words, systemic and systematic often confuse us. This confusion between systemic and systematic arises from the similarity in spelling and sound. Though both are derived from the word ‘system’, the definitions of these two terms differ. Main difference between these two words can be identified by looking at the meaning of these words briefly; systemic means relating to a system while systematic means according to a fixed plan or a system. In this article, we are going to look at the difference between systemic and systematic in detail.

What is Systemic

Systemic is an adjective that means relating to the whole system. This describes something that belongs to, works together with, or can affect the entire body or system as a whole.  If we are talking about a ‘systemic disease’, then it means that the disease is affecting the whole body. Systemic is also used to indicate system-wide or deeply ingrained.

“She published a book about the systemic bias against women in the Asian society.”

“It was a systemic failure, and everyone involved in the project was penalized.”

“Systemic fungicide should be used on the infected plant.”

“The doctors found that the disease was localized, rather than systemic.”

“Many financial experts predict that China poses a systemic threat to the global market.”

In physiology, systemic refers to the part of the circulatory system concerned with the transport of Oxygen to and Carbon dioxide from the body in general.When we are talking about insecticide and herbicide, systemic refers to entering the plant via roots and passing through the tissues. In finance, systemic risk refers to risk of disintegration of a whole financial system or an entire market. Systemic linguistic refers to a linguistic approach that studies language as a social semiotic system.

systemic vs systematic

The infected plant has to be injected with systemic fungicide.

What is Systematic

Systematic is an adjective that refers to doing something according a fixed plan or a system. This word can be used as a synonym for methodical or orderly. It generally describes carefully planned processes that unfold gradually. Systematically is the adverb of systematic and refers to doing something methodically.

“ They planned a systematic review of the previous research in order to find its shortcomings.

“ A systematic search of the house brought no results.”

The systematic extermination of  enemy’s strongholds helped to win the war.”

“The scientists started a systematic study of  stellar photometry.”

“After the last exam, he organized all his old books and notes in a systematic manner, and gave them to his juniors.”

difference between systemic and systematic

Difference Between Systemic and Systematic


Systemic means relating to or affecting the whole system.

Systematic means doing something according a fixed plan or system.


Synonyms of systemic include deeply ingrained, system-wide etc.

Synonyms of systematic include orderly, methodical or organized.


Systemic is a scientific term that is used in different fields.

Systematic is a general term and has been in the usage for a longer period.

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