Difference Between Teacher and Lecturer

Main Difference – Teacher vs Lecturer 

The main aim of both teaching and lecturing is educating students; therefore, both teachers and lecturers play a key role in the field of education. Although these two professions are somewhat similar, there are some distinct differences between teacher and lecturer. The main difference between teacher and lecturer is that teachers teach at schools whereas lecturers work at universities.

Who is a Teacher

A teacher is a person who teaches something to students. In general usage, the term teacher is often associated with schools and colleges. That is, a teacher is a person who educates children in a school. The profession of teaching mostly deals with primary and secondary education. So, a teacher usually teaches students who are aged from 5 to 16.

Teaching qualifications usually involve a teaching certification or qualification from a college or university.  Sometimes, a bachelor’s degree in the related subject is accepted as a qualification. A high school teacher typically teaches only one subject whereas primary teachers deal with a variety of subjects.

What really differentiate a teacher’s job from that of a lecturer are their duties. A teacher’s job doesn’t only involve teaching. A teacher has several responsibilities and duties. Teachers are also responsible for facilitating learning, mentoring and instructing, and interacting with students. Since teachers deal with younger students -comparatively to those of a lecturer – they should be very careful and attentive when interacting with the students. This is because a teacher can influence a student’s life for good or bad.

Main Difference -Teacher vs Lecturer

Who is a Lecturer

Lecturer is an academic who is at the early stages of his career. Lecturer works at colleges or universities. The duties of a lecturer also include teaching as well as researching. Unlike a teacher’s, lecturer’s students are mostly adults. Therefore, the students are more capable of modifying their behavior, taking responsibilities and finding extra resources, etc.

To become a lecturer, one needs postgraduate qualifications as well as research experience. This is because lecturers are involved in tertiary education.

Difference Between Teacher and Lecturer

Difference Between Teacher and Lecturer 

Place of Work

Teacher is a person who works at schools.

Lecturer is a person who works at universities.


Teachers teach children.

Lecturers teach adults.


Teachers do not have to do research.

Research is one of the main duties of a lecturer.

Educational Qualifications

Teachers have an education certification or a bachelor’s degree.

Lecturers typically have post-graduate qualifications and research experience.

Type of Education

Teachers are involved in primary and secondary education.

Lecturers are involved in tertiary education.


Teachers usually get a lower salary than lecturers.

Lecturers typically get a higher salary than teachers.Difference Between Teacher and Lecturer - infographic

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