Difference Between Wealth and Prosperity

Main Difference – Wealth vs. Prosperity

Wealth and Prosperity are two words we often relate to the state of having a lot of money. Though these two words can be used interchangeably in certain occasions, there is a fundamental difference between wealth and prosperity. The main difference between wealth and prosperity lies in the meaning connoted by these two words; wealth can be defined as the state of having an abundance of valuable possessions or money whereas prosperity is the state of being prosperous or successful.

What Does Wealth Mean

Wealth can be defined as an abundance of money or valuable assets; thus, wealth can be considered as a material gain. Being wealthy means having a lot of money and property. The Oxford dictionary gives one meaning of wealth as material prosperity. Thus, it can be said that though these two words are interconnected, wealth is only a certain aspect of prosperity. The following sentences will further clarify  the meaning of wealth.

She inherited her grandfather’s wealth.

He bought a château in France just to display his wealth.

He refused to use his considerable wealth to bribe the officials. 

Main Difference - Wealth vs Prosperity

His home reflected his wealth.

What Does Prosperity Mean

Prosperity can be defined as an abundance of material possessions, money as well as other factors like health and happiness. It can be equal to having a good fortune. A prosperous person not only has a lot of money, and property, but he also has a lot of friends, family and stays healthy. This is why sometimes people wish ‘may you have a prosperous new year.’ Here, they are not merely wishing for money or wealth but also for happiness.

The armistice was followed by a long period of peace and prosperity, but this period was not to last forever.

Her parents believed that it was her birth that brought prosperity to their home.

However, we sometimes use prosperity to refer to success in material terms only. For example,

The company’s growth and prosperity depend on the new managers’ hand.

In fact, in many dictionaries, prosperity is defined especially as the economic well-being. Nevertheless, it also indicates the state of being successful, thriving and flourishing and it connotes other aspects such as good health and happiness, as illustrated above.

Difference Between Wealth and Prosperity

Kolam rangoli designs are drawn on auspicious occasions as they are believed to bring prosperity and good luck to homes.

When talking about the origins of this word, the origins can be traced back to Latin prosperare meaning cause to succeed or render happy. The origins of the word also have a connection to fortune.

Difference Between Wealth and Prosperity


Wealth refers to the state of being rich or having an abundance of material assets and money.

Prosperity refers to the state of having an abundance of material assets and money as well as other contributing factors like health and happiness.


Wealth is the origin of the adjective wealthy.

Prosperity is derived from the adjective prosperous.


Wealth is a kind of prosperity.

Prosperity includes wealth as well as other factors.

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