Gift Ideas for Men’s 30th Birthday

30th birthday is a turning point in a man’s life; it’s the crossroads between a young man and an adult. A special birthday gift may help a man to walk into the next phase of his life with ease. However, finding the perfect gift for a man who is turning 30 is not always an easy task. The gift ideas for men’s 30th birthday below will help you to choose the perfect gift for your friend, brother, son, boyfriend or husband.


Key Areas Covered

1. Gift Ideas for Men’s 30th Birthday
      – Clothes and Accessories, Electronics, Food and Beverages, Experiences
2. How to Choose a Gift for Somebody
     – Tips for Choosing the Perfect Gift

Gift Ideas for Men’s 30th Birthday - Infograph

Gift Ideas for Men’s 30th Birthday

Clothes and Accessories

Everybody loves to dress well, so why not gift him a new accessory or clothes. If you feel that this kind of gift is too commonplace and cliché, you can get a personalized gift with his name, initials, photo or even his fingerprint on it.

  • Wallet
  • Tie and cufflinks
  • Watch
  • Men’s changing station and valet
  • Jacket
  • Personalized T-shirt
  • Pocket watch


Most men love electronics, be it communication devices, play stations, sports gear or fast cars. So electronic gear is an ideal gift for men. However, make sure you choose something that he would love.

  • VR goggles
  • Charging station
  • BBQ grill
  • DIY kit
  • Flash drive for tablets and smartphones
  • Wireless touch speaker
  • Remote Control Micro Drone
  • Desktop Arcade Machine
  • Smartphone Projector
  • Bluetooth Cube Speaker

Gift Ideas for Men’s 30th Birthday

Food and Beverage 

Although most of us don’t think of food and beverages as ideal birthday gifts, a gift of someone’s favorite food or beverage may make his or her whole day special.

  • A box of Cigars
  • A bottle of his favorite Wine/ Brandy/ Whisky
  • A box of his favorite chocolates
  • A personalized cake with his favorite icings/toppings
  • A gift basket with his favorite foods


If he is someone who enjoys sports or adventure, why not gift him the chance to experience and enjoy some interesting activities. You can give him the chance to enjoy his favorite sport, or the chance to learn a brand new activity.  You can buy tickets for or reserve him a place in:

  • Flying lessons
  • Skydiving
  • Group paintball
  • A hotel stay
  • Vineyard tour and tasting
  • Supercar driving experience
  • Fun cooking classes

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If none of these ideas work for you, the following section will help you to choose something else for your son, brother, friend, or partner.

How to Choose a Gift for Somebody

Everyone has different things that they enjoy. So take some time to make a list of your recipient’s favorite things. Don’t just think of their usual hobbies, also think of the little things that interest them.

Remember your shared experiences. Over the past years, you two may have attended events together, or been on holiday. Gifts which remind your recipient of the time you spent together are thoughtful and valuable. You can create an album of holiday pictures, buy another set of tickets to see your favorite sport or organize another holiday together.

Paying attention to what your friends and family say is another way to note what they want and choose a perfect gift. People often complain about things that are broken or not working. They might also point out things that they would like to have. Remembering these little details will also help you to choose the perfect gift.

Now that you know how to choose a gift, we hope that you have some marvelous gift ideas for his 30th birthday.

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