Google Chromecast not working with Telstra NBN Broadband? How to fix

In some configurations with Telstra broadband router Google Chromecast version 2 will not work. This may be due to router configuration or settings.  You may experience the connection issue if you are installing Google Chromecast first time with your TV or any device via Telstra Wi-Fi router. Basically Google Chromecast will not work with guest Wi-Fi.

How to fix Chromecast connection issue with Telstra Technicolor TG797n v3 or any version

  • Connect your computer to your Wi-Fi network (It may be with Telstra Broadband). This need to be with your admin Wi-Fi not guest Wi-Fi, if you have couple of guest Wi-Fi configured.
  • Go to your browser and type and login with your admin username and password.
  • Check your main WLAN and make sure you connect your Google Chromecast Wi-Fi configuration as same as your main Wi-Fi.

If you connect your Google Chromecast in guest Wi-Fi, it will not work. It will connect on TV but you won’t get the connection back to your mobile device to manage the Chrome. If you want to operate this in guest mode, compare the configuration between main Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi and get the settings aligned with main Wi-Fi.

Google Chromecast not working with Telstra NBN Broadband_How to fix

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