How are Hotels Rated

Restaurants, hotels, films, and other products and services are often ranked using various systems. These ratings help the prospective customers to get a general idea about the quality before using the product or service. In this article, we are going to talk about hotel ratings.

This article will explain,

  1. How are Hotels Rated
  2. What are Various Hotel Rating Systems
  3. What is Star Rating

How are Hotels Rated

Hotels are typically rated according to their quality. This quality is measured by the facilities and amenities provided by the hotel. Elements like room size, additional amenities, view, ease of access, food, entertainment, spas, fitness centers and locations will be considered in the classification of hotels.

However, there is no global system to classify hotels; there are a wide variety of classification schemes around the world since various travel organizations, travel and tourism websites, and governments of different countries have their own rating systems. Nevertheless, most of these rating systems tend to be similar.

When you look at the ratings of a hotel, it is important to know that the rating may imply the reviewer’s opinion of the hotel, but not the actual quality of the hotel. For example, one reviewer could rate a hotel five star while another could rate the same hotel a four star. It is also important to find out who has rated the hotel; for example, a five-star rating of a hotel can be given by a travel blogger or a standard travel organization.

How are Hotels Rated

What are Various Hotel Rating Systems

As mentioned above, there are various hotel rating systems around the world. Different countries have different rating systems, but most of them are similar in their ranking. Most of these systems involve stars, with the greater number of stars indicating greater luxury. Given below are some of these ranking systems.

United Kingdom: Automobile Association (AA) and tourist boards of Britain, Wales, and Scotland are the main organizations that rank hotels using star systems.

Australia: Star Ratings Australia is a 1-5 star system operated by Australian Motoring Services.

New Zealand: Qualmark, a 1-5 star system owned by Tourism New Zealand, a government organization.

Canada: Canada Select, a 1-5 star system, is the largest Canadian rating agency.

United States: AAA (American Auto Association) use diamonds instead of stars to rank hotels.

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What is Star Rating of Hotels

Since there are various 1 – 5 star systems, there can be differences between their ratings, but there are many similarities between them as well. Given below are some general descriptions of these five ranks. 

1 Star Hotels

Hotels that have 1 star are suited for budget travelers. They will provide clean and simple accommodations. Rooms will be small and may not have a private bathroom, in-room phone, or other facilities. Hotels will be located near major attractions, public transport centers, etc.

2 Star Hotels

Hotels that are awarded 2 stars will have more amenities and services than 1-star hotels. They will provide clean, basic and simple accommodation. Rooms will be small to medium in size and will have private bathrooms, in-room telephones, and televisions. Continental breakfast will also be provided.

3 Star Hotels

Hotels that have 3 stars are distinctly upgraded and include more spacious rooms with quality amenities, room service, good dining service, pool, fitness centers and well-laid out lobbies. 3-star hotels may also have meeting and conference facilities.

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4 Star Hotels

Four-star hotels are upscale accommodations, offer extensive amenities, complete room service, multiple restaurants, bars, and lounges. Personalized service, valet parking, concierge services, spas and fitness centers, high-quality bedding and linens, flooring and various other services are available in these hotels.  The décor is stylish and refined.

5 Star Hotels

Five star hotels are the most luxurious and most expensive hotels out of all these hotels. They are the ultimate in sophistication and luxury and offers meticulous and personalized service. The hotel will be elegantly furnished and will be located in an attractive location.

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