How long does it take to build a house

Most of us are excited when building a new house. Any project depends on quality, time, and money. However, some activities cannot go in parallel thus, any project needs reasonable base timing to complete. However, if you are buying a land and building a house, you will be paying mortgage to your capital investment on the land and thus, you will be anxious to complete the house as soon as possible as like any other single owner. Are you pondering how long does it take to build a house? Then, read on.

Building a house depends on multiple factors, in terms of time, like double story, single story, double brick or single brick, etc. However, in general, starting from the base concrete work it will take around 20 to 30 weeks to complete the house, assuming that the council or government authority approval is taken in advance. Otherwise, DA approval (Development Approval) timing also needs to be included.

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Even though the completion time is stated in the contract as 20-30 weeks, which depends on the factors mentioned above, most builders, generally, won’t complete the house within that time frame. The general reasonings given by the builders are weather conditions, Christmas and other long holidays, trades availability, etc. If you have chosen a very good builder then, mostly, he will honour the contract and, in some instances, if the project delays, the builder agrees to pay the rental allowances.

All the timings given above are based on the assumption that you have signed off the contract including most of the internal and external building selections like bricks, tiles, paint colours, doors, door handles, bathroom accessories, kitchen selections, garage doors, and drive way selections. If you delay in making decision on any of these, that may cause potential further delays, apart from the builder’s delays.

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