How to Add Fonts in Microsoft Word

To make any document stand out, it is essential to use appropriate fonts. Windows comes with preinstalled fonts, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of elegant and attractive fonts that can be downloaded from the internet. The perfect font for your document is only a click away. After the font has been found and downloaded onto the machine, it has to be installed on the system so that it can be used by the corresponding software. The following section will take you through the process of installing the font onto the system.

How to Add Fonts in Microsoft Word

Step 1: Select and Download the Font

The first step in installing a font is to select one from a website. By clicking on the download button, the font can be downloaded on to the browser and onto the hardware space of the system. Usually, the fonts are downloaded as a WinRAR or WinZip file. These files need to be extracted in order to install the font.

How to Add Fonts in Microsoft Word

Step 2: Extract the Zip File

The downloaded zip file or WinRAR file can be extracted in the following manner.

How to Add Fonts in Microsoft Word - 2

Double click or right click and open the file.

How to Add Fonts in Microsoft Word -3

By clicking on the “Extract to” on the Winrar program, the font can be extracted to a specific location.

How to add font in Microsoft Word- 4

A folder containing the font and related document can be found in a folder at the location the user specified it to be extracted.

Make sure to create a folder or otherwise the contents of the WinRAR file will be spread over in the location. The extracted folder will look something like this.

How to add font in Microsoft Word - 5

Step 3: Install the Font

Method 1: By double clicking on the .ttf file a window of the font will be displayed similar to that of the following.

How to add font in Microsoft Word - 6

By clicking on the install button on the top of the window the font will be easily installed on to the system

Method 2: Another approach would be to go directly into the windows font folder and paste the concerned font.

Add Fonts on Windows 8 OS

On Windows 8, by right clicking on the strat menu, the control panel can be initiated. By clicking on the control panel option with control panel window will open up.

How to add font in Microsoft Word -7

On the top right-hand corner of the above window, there is an option known as Category which will have an option called small icons. This will provide the following options on the window.

How to add font in Microsoft Word - 8

If we select the fonts folder, a window like this will appear.

How to add font in Microsoft Word - 9

We can now copy and paste the .ttf file that we downloaded. This is the place where we can also delete an unwanted font.

Common Problems with Added Fonts in Microsoft Word

A common problem the users face when sending a word document to someone else is that it will not display the fonts if it is not in the other user’s machine. To avoid this, the user will need to convert the word document to pdf, which will not only save the font but also the formatting it initially came with. The user on the other end will not be able to do any editing with a pdf file, though.

Now when we move onto Word, that particular font can be found on the menu in alphabetic order.

How to add font in Microsoft Word - 10

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