How to Become an Uber Driver

Uber is a popular ride-hailing service available in major cities in many countries of the world. Uber drivers enjoy a flexible schedule and a quick earning potential while travelling around cities. They also have the added benefit of knowing some details about the passenger, their pick-up location and destination before the trip. Becoming an Uber driver is very easy. All you have to do is sign up and share your information with Uber. Then you can download the Uber Driver and start earning money.

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How to Become an Uber Driver

There are two ways to own money through Uber; you can either drive the vehicle you own or drive a vehicle owned by a non-driving partner. In both cases, the vehicle you are driving has to be approved by Uber. Although signing up with Uber is a super easy process, the drivers and the vehicles they drive have to fulfil some requirements in order to join Uber. 

The easiest way to join Uber is to download the Uber Driver app from / or from Google Play Store or Apple Store by searching for Uber Driver. You can also join Uber by signing up with .

Once you have signed up, you have to upload the following documentation:


  • Driving License
  • National Identity Card


  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Vehicle Insurance (Commercial/Hiring)
  • Revenue Document (Vehicle)

Uber usually takes up to two weeks to perform their background checks. This includes checking the documentation you have provided and a criminal and driving history check on the driver.

Once Uber has checked and approved these facts, you can gain full access to the app and start accepting rides.

How to Become an Uber Driver

Requirements in Different Cities

In addition to the basic driver requirements mentioned above, various cities and countries may require some additional documents. Given below are some examples of such requirements.


  • A Delhi PSV badge or up-to-date Police Verification
  • Two No Objection Certificates (a type of legal certificate issued by any agency, organization, institute or in certain cases, an individual, that does not object to the covenants of the certificate)
  • A cancelled Cheque

South Africa

  • A Professional Driver’s Permit (PDP), for the city you are going to drive in
  • Operator Card (from the licensing department)
  • Receipt of Application for Operating License (from the Department of Transportation)


  • A passport or birth certificate
  • A Driver’s Accreditation (taxi license), if available
  • A photograph of the driver


  • A private hire license

Furthermore, there may be additional requirements in different states and cities of these countries. The documentation you require will be shown to you once you sign up to the Uber Driver and enter your specific location.

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Vehicle Requirement

All Uber vehicles must have these requirements:

  • Must be newer than 10 years
  • Must be a four-door car, truck, or minivan
  • Must have seating (with seat belts) for four passengers
  • Must pass a mechanical inspection
  • Must not be a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle
  • Must not have advertisements or commercial markings

In addition to these basic requirements, each city has its own regulations for vehicles. You have to sign up online on Uber to access these specific details.

What are Various Uber Services

There are several Uber services with different rider capacity, different purposes, and different costs. The most common Uber services are Uber X, Uber Pool, Uber XL and Uber Go. You can decide the service you want by looking at the vehicle requirements in each service.

  • Uber X –  Regular sedans like Toyota Prius and Honda Accord that can seat four passengers
  • Uber XL –  SUVs and minivans that can seat six passengers. This is more expensive than Uber X
  • Uber Select –  Entry-level luxury service that seats up to four passengers. Include BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. with a leather interior
  • Uber BLACK and Uber SUV – Most luxurious option and includes commercially registered and insured livery vehicles like black SUV or luxury sedan
  • Uber Pool – Least expensive ride-sharing service
  • Uber Go – Mainly available in Indian subcontinents and include rides like Suzuki Altos and Tata Nanos

The vehicle you drive will be the obvious deciding factor in choosing the Uber service. Uber Black and Uber SUV must have commercial licensing and registration. Other services do not have this requirement; therefore, most drivers tend to opt for popular Uber services like UberX, UberXL and UberPool. 

Becoming an Uber driver has many advantages. You can drive your own vehicle with Uber, any time of the day. You also have the chance of choosing your working hours and choosing your rides. Uber Driver app also provides you turn-by-turn directions and various tools to earn more money. All you to do is download Uber Driver, sign up and submit the required documentation. 

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