How to Detect Counterfeit Money

As counterfeit or fake currency is a big problem for the economy of any country, you have to know how to detect counterfeit money if you are to be safe in doing monetary transactions. This currency means a total loss for you if it is in your hands and you have accepted it in exchange for your products or services. Most of the fake currency notes are generated using computers and it is easy to tell the difference between them and real currency notes if you know how to identify counterfeit money. This article tells you ways to differentiate between real and fake currency notes.

The procedure adopted to make real currency notes involves placing many security features. The security thread and these features are difficult to be copied by scam artists who try to make fake currency notes. Most people hardly pay attention to these security features and this is why counterfeit money is increasing in numbers. It is only when this counterfeit money reaches banks for deposition in accounts that it is detected. However, if you remain alert and pay attention to the security features of real currency notes, you can avoid being cheated by people with malicious intentions.

Most of the fake currency notes are in higher denominations and it is rare to find fake $1 currency bills. This is because the time and effort that goes into preparing counterfeit money makes it unprofitable for the scam artists to make lower denomination currency notes. This is why most of such fake notes are of $100 denomination. The following is a list of some simple ways to easily identify a counterfeit currency note.

How to Detect Counterfeit Money

Some tests to detect counterfeit money

Look at the portrait closely

The portrait on a real bill seems to stand out from the background. On the other hand, the color of the portrait seems to blend with the background color of the currency note. You can identify a fake currency note if this portrait of George Washington looks flat and lifeless. This difference arises because of the latest printing methods used by Federal agencies that are impossible to be replicated by others.

Quality of paper

Paper used in fake notes is ordinary whereas the paper used for printing real notes is special that gives a unique feeling of crispness. This paper has tiny blue and red fibers embedded inside that can be seen through close inspection.

Look at the serial number

You will find equal spacing between numbers in a real note. On the other hand, distance between numbers and their alignment in fake currency notes is not correct and uniform.

Difference in Treasury and Federal seals

If you find broken, blunt, or uneven saw tooth points in the currency note, you have a fake note in your hand. Also, the color of the treasury seal and the serial number of the currency note should match exactly. Federal and treasury seals in real notes are clear and sharp though this is not the case with fake currency notes.

Borders on fake notes tell the story

The printing of the borders in real notes is sharp and very clear. On the other hand, you find this border unclear and blurred in counterfeit money. A bleeding border is an indication of a fake currency note.

Real note has starch

The starch used in the paper of a real note turns the ink of the counterfeit detecting pens yellow. With a fake note, there is no change in the color of this ink as these notes are made using ordinary paper.

You can feel the difference with closed eyes

There is a certain crispness in the paper of real notes that is not found in counterfeit money. Also, you can feel the raised texture in real notes that is absent in fake currency notes.

Every real note has a watermark seen in the light

This is the easiest way to detect a fake currency note. Real currency notes have this watermark image embedded in the paper that can be clearly seen when you hold the paper in light. Counterfeit money either does not have this watermark or it is of poor quality.

Check the security thread

This is a vertical strip running from top to the bottom of the currency note carrying some words and the denomination printed over them. These words are written using micro printing.

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