How to DHL a Package

DHL can be used to ship packages anywhere in the world. It is one of the largest delivery services in the world. You can learn how to DHL a package by following the given guidelines.

How to DHL a Package

You can DHL a package either by using DHL’s Express drop box / Service Point or via DHL Online service. You can also call them to pick up your package.

DHL a Package via DHL Express Drop Box or Service Point 

One way of sending or collecting a package through DHL is going to a DHL Express drop box or Service Point close to your home. You can find the location of a service point or express drop box by this .  When you go to this site, you’ll see a search box like this.

How to DHL a Package

If you select your country in the above box and press GO, you will be directed to a list of service points in your country. If you clink on the closest service point to your home, the address and the contact numbers will be displayed.How to DHL a Package - 2

You can go to the nearest DHL Express drop box or to their service point and drop off your package. If you are using DHL Express drop box, you have to do the payment before hand.

DHL a Package Online 

You can also DHL a package online. You can do this easily by going to your local DHL website. The homepage will look something like this screenshot.

How to DHL a Package - 6

When you take the cursor near the Express tag, you’ll see a menu like the following screen shot. Select Get Rate and Time Quote which is under Shipping.

How to DHL a Package - 7.

You’ll be then redirected to another page. Here you can get a quote for your package. If you scroll down the page, you’ll see three options as shown in the following screenshot.How to DHL a Package - 8

Click Ship Online. Then you will be directed to a webpage that looks like the following screenshot. All you have to do is fill the required details and schedule a pickup.

How to DHL a Package - 9

Schedule a Pickup

You can also schedule a pickup over the phone. You don’t need to have a DHL account to use this facility. You have the ability to schedule a pick up on the day you called or for up to 7 days ahead. If the parcel is over 70 kg or if it is insured, you have to call for a quote.  

To schedule the pickup, you have to go to the Express tab (as shown in 3rd and 4th screenshot) and choose Schedule Pick up option. Then you’ll be directed to a section like the below screenshot. You can fill out the form there and click submit. The contact numbers of DHL customer service is also available there.

How to DHL a Package - 10

Payment Options 

DHL accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Maestro, Visa and Master Card. If you are not doing  online shopping (dropping the box at a DHL service center or scheduling a pickup) you can pay cash.

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