How to Dress Business Casual

The dress code in an office depends on the company policies. If you are not sure about the dress code, ask about it from the HR from the first day onwards.  You can also observe other employees in order to decide what to wear. Business casual is a common office dress code followed by most companies. 

This article explores,

1. What is Business Casual?

2. How to Dress Business Casual?
       – How to Dress Business Casual for Men
       – How to Dress Business Casual for Women

What is Business Casual

Business casual is an office dress code that is less formal than business professional or business formal. But, you cannot wear jeans and t-shirts to the office just because this dress code says casual. Casual here implies more casual than traditional business suits. Business casual attire doesn’t require a suit, unlike business professional. Let’s now look at how to dress business casual. 

How to Dress Business Casual

How to Dress Business Casual for Men

Business casual for men usually includes slacks, khakis with polo shirts, sweaters, or collared shirts and dressy shoes.


Always tuck in the shirt and use an appropriate tie. Make sure to buy shirts with formal fabrics such as cotton and linen. White, light purple, blue and pink are some acceptable shirt colors. Shirts should also have formal patterns such as herringbone, twill, and broadcloth; shirts with large patterns such as Hawaiian shirts are considered to be too casual.

How to Dress Business Casual - 1


Dress pants, trousers, khakis and corduroy pants are pant styles that are accepted in business casual. Jeans are not appropriate for this dress code. Always choose dark and conservative colors such as black, gray, brown, khaki, and dark blue. Avoid colors like red, orange and yellow.

You can also match your outfit with a sweater. If you are wearing a collared shirt, V-neck sweaters would work well. Blazers can be also worn with this dress code. Wear standard leather shoes in colors like black, gray and brown.

How to Dress Business Casual for Women


Women have more options than men when it comes to this dress code. Blouses, shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, vests, and sleeveless shirts can be worn by women. They can also be worn tucked or untucked. Although solid colors are the norm, unusual patterns are also accepted as long as they are not too casual. A collared shirt can be used for a more formal look whereas a collarless one can be worn for an informal look.

How to Dress Business Casual

Skirts and Dresses:

Skirts, as well as dresses, are accepted in this dress code. However, conservative dresses in neutral colors are more preferred. Both skirts and dresses should not be too short or tight. You should also make sure that the dresses are not low cut and don’t have high slits.


Linen pants, khakis, corduroy pants, or dress pants are acceptable for women. These pants should also be in conservative colors. Don’t wear jeans unless specifically allowed by the employer.

Leather shoes, high heels, flat trouser shoes can be worn with the above-described clothes. A simple purse and accessories will make this ensemble complete.

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