How to Get to Taj Mahal from Delhi

Since Taj Mahal is an extremely popular tourist destination in India, it is useful to know how to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi. It is visited by millions of tourists from around the world annually. It is a historic monument that embodies eternal love. It is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO and not to be missed if you are in India. It is situated in the north Indian city of Agra that is very close to Delhi. The distance between Delhi and Agra is just 200 km that can be easily covered in 3 hours. As a tourist, you can get to Taj Mahal from Delhi by air, by train and bus or taxi. You can also go there on your own car easily. If you do not know how to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi, this article attempts to make it very easy for you.

How to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi – By Flight

Agra is an important tourist and commercial city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It has its own airport courtesy arrival of millions of tourists who come to see the amazing monument of love called Taj Mahal. There are daily flights conducted by Indian Airlines between Delhi and Agra. It is a 30 minute flight that will take you to Kheria Airport that is around 5km from the city of Agra.

How to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi

How to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi – By train

The most popular way to get to Agra from Delhi is by train. If you catch a fast train, you can reach Agra in 3 hours and also return the same day to Delhi after spending 2-3 hours at the Taj Mahal. As the distance between Delhi and Agra is merely 200km, all the trains plying between these two stations have chairs and not sleepers.

Train no. 12002, called Bhopal Shatabdi, is the fastest train between Delhi and Agra. This train will take you to Agra from Delhi in just 2 hours. It departs at 6:15 from Delhi and arrives in Agra at 8:12. The fare of 1st class AC is Rupees 700 while the fare for CC class is Rupees 370 only. This is a daily train but does not run on Friday.

Another good train from Delhi to Agra is Taj Express Superfast (number 2280). This train leaves Delhi from Old Nizammudin station at 7:10 in the morning and reaches Agra at 10:07 AM. The fare for chair car in this train is just Rupees 263. There are many other trains from Delhi to Agra, but they start afternoon that will necessitate booking a hotel in Agra for overnight stay.

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How to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi – By bus

As the distance between Delhi and Agra is not much, you can also get to Agra from Delhi by bus. There are many buses plying between these two cities with the main bus stand being the main bus stand. There are several AC and non-AC buses to choose from.

How to get to Taj Mahal from Delhi – By taxi

Taking a taxi from Delhi to Agra is also a convenient and comfortable way of reaching the Taj Mahal. You would do well to hire a taxi on a full day basis. Charges for a full day or 8-hour service are Rupees 950. This taxi will take you to Agra and also bring you back to Delhi the same day.


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