How to Go to Pakistan from India

Pakistan is a country that lies adjacent to India on its north-western border. Undivided India under British rule was divided into two separate countries on grounds of religion creating Pakistan. If you are in India and want to go to Pakistan, and do not know how to go to Pakistan from India, this article will make it easy for you. You can go to Pakistan from India easily by air, by train, and ship. You can also go to Pakistan by bus.

Pakistan visa for Indians

All Indians need a visa to go to Pakistan. You need to get a visa by applying through Pakistan Embassy in Chanakyapuri in New Delhi before deciding on a transport mode. Many Indians have close relatives living in Pakistan, and they can easily get a visa to go to Pakistan and visit these family members. Indians are also granted a tourist visa on religious grounds, especially to Sikhs who have some important shrines in Pakistan.

How to go to Pakistan from India – By train

by train

Once you have the required visa to visit Pakistan, you can choose the option of transport between air, rail, and road depending upon your choice and budget. There is a special train between Delhi in India and Lahore in Pakistan. It is called Samjhauta Express, and you can take this train from Delhi or Amritsar to go to Pakistan. There is another train called Thar Express that connects India and Pakistan. You can go to Karachi in Pakistan from India by taking this train at Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

How to go to Pakistan from India – By flight

You can easily go to Pakistan from India by taking the aerial route. There are direct flights from Delhi to Karachi with several airlines like Air India, Emirates and Oman Air providing flights between these two cities.

How to go to Pakistan from India

How to go to Pakistan from India – By Bus

You can go to Pakistan from India by road also. The distance between Amritsar and Lahore is just 42 km though you thus bus will take you to the border only. After crossing the border, you have to catch another train to go to Lahore.


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