How to Identify a Real Rolex Watch

Are you an admirer of  Rolex watches and wondering how to identify a real Rolex watch? Then this article is for you, read on. Rolex is a brand of watches that needs no introduction. It is a world famous Swiss watch that is known for its high quality and precision. These watches have become a symbol of craftsmanship and elegance among the connoisseurs. Rolex watches are also very expensive. If someone has gifted you a Rolex watch and you want to make sure that it is a real one, you must know how to identify a real Rolex watch. This article will tell you how you can easily detect if a given watch is real Rolex or a fake one.

Tips to identify a real Rolex watch

Check the model on the Rolex official website

If you want to make sure that the watch you are using is a real Rolex, you can easily do so by checking the model on the official website of the company. The company has clear pictures of each of their models to let you determine if your watch is a real one or not.

Check the movement of second hand of your Rolex watch

The movement of second hand of Rolex watches is sweeping and very smooth. If the watch you have has a second movement that makes ticking sound, you have a fake Rolex.


how to identify a real rolex watch


The location from where the watch has been bought

If the watch has been bought from a street vendor or a small shop, it is likely that the watch is not a real Rolex. There are Rolex dealers in many cities of the world and you can know about them from the website of the company.

The price of your Rolex watch

If your watch has been bought for less than $300, it is a fake Rolex. Rolex watches are expensive and the best way to check the authenticity of a watch is to check the price of that model at the official website of the company.

Check the Date magnification

Real Rolex watches provide Cyclops window to see the date clearly through magnification. This magnification is 2.5X in real Rolex to make the date jump out at you. In fake ones, this magnification is smaller so that you are not able to read the date properly.

Do the Water test

All Rolex watches are waterproof. Dip your watch in a glass of water for about 30 seconds to see if any droplet has leaked inside the dial of the watch. If you see moisture inside, you have a fake in your hands.

Check the writing on the dial

You would need a magnifying glass to read the text on the dial. The text is quite clear and crisp and it is convex in nature to jump out at you. if the writing is far from perfect, you have a fake Rolex watch.

Check the engraving on your Rolex watch

Look at the engraving on the steel of the watch. If it is crystal clear and precise, you have a real Rolex watch. If this engraving is sandy or not clear even with a magnifying glass, your watch is probably a fake Rolex.

Check the weight of your Rolex watch

Rolex watches are made suing high quality real materials. On the other hand, the material used in fake watches is inferior and light weight.

Check the winders of your Rolex watch

The winders of a real Rolex have precise grooves and look like pieces of art. On the other hand, fakes often have plain winders.

Hope you find how to identify a real Rolex watch easier with these tips. 

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