How to Identify Original Levi’s Jeans

Levi’s is a very popular brand of jeans that is sold internationally. It was introduced in the 1870’s by Levi Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis. This brand of jeans is known for its high-quality fabric and excellent stitching. Fashion conscious people always go for the original pair of Levi’s jeans because of its styling and comfort. However, given its craze among the people, there is a spate of counterfeit or fake Levi’s jeans being sold in the market. These Levi’s jeans look almost real, making it easy for the lovers of this brand to be duped by the sellers. You could easily pay much more for a pair of jeans that is not even real if you do not know how to identify original Levi’s jeans.

Simple steps to identify original Levi’s Jeans

Look at the rear label of the jeans

Knock-offs have a label that is very similar with the same text printed on them that you find on a pair of real Levi’s jeans. However, if you feel that the label is made from a material similar to leather and it is also very hard, then it is not a real pair of Levi’s. If the material of the patch looks authentic, look at the text and its printing closely. This text is always symmetric in a real Levi’s while it can be off center in a fake Levi’s jeans. You can also spot a fake Levi’s if there are spelling mistakes. These spelling mistakes are often deliberate and you must read carefully to spot them. How to identify original Levi’s jeans becomes easier if you feel the label in your hands. Original Levi’s label is almost paper thin while knockoffs have a much thicker material used for the label.

Colour of the label may be different

If you do not know how to identify original Levi’s jeans, try to make sure that the colour of the rear label of the jeans that you are buying is brownish yellow. Levi’s jeans always have their labels made in this color while knockoffs can have varying shades of brown from light to dark. If the label is white or any other colour, you are surely buying a fake Levi’s jeans.

Look at the hardware

Fake Levi’s jeans have inferior quality hardware in comparison to the original pair of Levi’s jeans. You can spot the difference if you already have an original Levi’s jeans in your wardrobe by inspecting the buttons and the rivets of the jeans.

Look for the red colour tab

Levi’s jeans are famous for their red tab with their registered trademark over them in white color. Look for this tab in the jeans that you are buying. If the pair of jeans does not have this tab, it is a fake garment. Also see that the stitching around this tab is clean. If it is not clean, you are probably buying a fake. If only R is written on the pocket tab and not Levi’s, it does not mean it is a fake. Levi’s have this practice of placing a capital R on every 100th pair of jeans they produce instead of writing Levi’s on the pocket tab.

The pair of jeans you are buying is a fake if it has Levi written over the pocket instead of Levi’s. Lastly, do not trust your eyes alone. Nothing feels like original. If you are not getting the feel, do not buy the pair of jeans that is being sold as original Levi’s jeans.

Armed with all the knowledge given in this article, how to identify original Levi’s jeans becomes very easy indeed.

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