How To Memorize A Speech

Overview – How To Memorize A Speech

When preparing for a speech presentation, many of us find it challenging to memorize the whole speech. This can be even more difficult if the speech is long with different sections. Since most of us do not have the Teleprompters that could assist in reading the speech, we can only make great speakers when we know how to memorize a speech. Here are some guidelines on how to memorize a speech.

7 Easy Tips To Memorize A Speech

1. Believe in yourself

Before you start memorizing a speech, you need to believe that you can actually do it. Confidence is very important in any personal activity. When you believe in yourself, you will have full confidence and the zeal to present the speech. No matter how long the speech is, you have to be confident for you to deliver it well.

How To Memorize A Speech - Easy Tips

2. Type or write down the speech

The next step when you want to memorize your speech is having it written down or typed. It is well known that when you type or write something down your memory grasps it even before you start reading through. Having your speech typed therefore will be the very first step in helping your memory to remember some aspects of the whole write up. Make sure to have the whole speech clearly separated into the different sections or sub-sections where necessary. Avoid using complicated words, instead, use simple language in an easy to follow format. You need an easy flowing speech that will be easy to memorize.

3. Record the written speech

After writing down your speech, read it fluently and keenly as you record your voice. Do not make the recording too long to get you easily tired. As you record, be keen to capture the different sections of you speech. Always make sure you record the very final version of the speech.

4. Listen to your recorded speech

After recording, take time to listen to your speech. You do not have to listen to the entire speech at once; instead, you can listen to a small segment and memorize it before moving to the next. The best part with listening to your speech is that you don’t need much attention. You can listen to it while doing other small tasks, while in the gym or even when driving. Listening to your speech consistently will have it reinforced in your mind.

5. Visualize

If you happen to get stuck in memorizing certain sections of your speech, use the visualization techniques. Using your imagination, link that section of the speech to an image or object. This helps you to easily remember the image every time you get stuck in that section. For this to be more effective, have a visual aid for each segment of your entire speech. You can also use powerpoint illustration aid for speech visualization. 

6. Practice

You need another simple way to memorize a speech? As is commonly put, practice makes perfect. Consistent rehearsal will greatly help you memorize it. Go to a private place, like your bedroom and look into the mirror as you practice your speech. Act like you have a real audience and practice delivering your speech to them. Watching yourself as you speak will boost confidence. Focus on the words you are saying and use a loud, clear voice. It is important to time yourself as you rehearse. This will help you deliver a perfect speech that doesn’t stretch too long or last too short. Check and master non-verbal communication in the mirror as you practice.

7. Pace Around 

Many hours of rehearsal can be tiring. If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily, here is another interesting way to memorize that speech; get your body moving as you say your speech. Rehearsing as you pace around the room is a good technique to help you memorize the speech as well as boost your confidence. This is because you are kept active with your blood flowing through the body. 


Are you still wondering on how to memorize a speech? With the above techniques, you can be sure the speech will stick in your mind way before the material day. Just remember to avoid distractions during your practice. You will not memorize a speech easily by reading it all through at once, instead, rehearse each section at a time and be consistent. Create enough time to practice before the presentation day and you will be surprised at how fast you can memorize your speech. 

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