How to Reach Manali from Delhi By Train

Manali is a beautiful hill station in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. This small picturesque town lies on the road between Kullu and Rohtang Pass. As most tourists visit both these hill stations in a single trip, Manali is also known as Kullu Manali. There is no railway station or airport in Manali. If you do not know how to reach Manali from Delhi by train, read on to get vital information in this article.

How to reach Manali from Delhi by train |

Travel from Delhi till Chandigarh by train

There is no direct train between Delhi and Manali. If you are desirous of going to Manali from Delhi by train, there is one train that can take you to Chandigarh from where you have to take a bus ride to reach your destination of Manali. You can take a ticket on Train Number 12045 that departs from Delhi at 19:15 and reaches Chandigarh at around 22:35. Jan Shatabdi Express train is a good choice for all those who want to avoid travelling continuously till Manali. It departs from Delhi at 14:35 Pm and reaches Chandigarh at around 7 PM in the evening. You can take a rest for some time as the HRTC bus that goes to Manali leaves Chandigarh at 8:40 PM. The distance between Delhi and Chandigarh via train is 235km while the distance between Chandigarh and Manali is 285km. Second class fare of this train is Rupees 159. From here, you have to take the state transport bus that will take you to Manali in the morning. The changeover time at Chandigarh will be around three hours as the bus from Chandigarh to Manali departs at around 01:35 minutes and reaches Manali in the morning at 08:42 hours. The fare of this bus is Rupees 516.

You can also go to Kalka from Delhi

Another station from where you can reach Manali is Kalka. Distance between Delhi and Kalka station is 287 km. Important trains that ply between Delhi and Kalka daily are Himalayan Queen and Paschim Express. Himalayan Queen departs from Delhi at 05:45 AM and reaches Kalka at 11:10 AM. You can take a taxi from Kalka that will take the National Highway number 21A to reach Manali. Distance between Kalka and Manali is 279km and taxis take around ten hours to reach Manali from Kalka.

Now that  you have the information you have the freedom to decide how to Manali from Delhi by train.

How to reach Manali from Delhi by train |


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