How to Renew Indian Passport in Sydney

An India passport is typically valid for ten years from the date of its issue. It must be renewed, i.e., replaced with a new passport, after the expiry of its validity. You can apply for a fresh passport one year before the date of expiry of the original passport. For NRIs (Non-Residential Indians), the passport renewal process may differ according to the country they are living in. This article explains how to renew Indian passport in Sydney.

Key Areas Covered

1. Who Handles Indian Passport Renewal in Sydney
     – VFS Global, Jurisdictions
2. What are the Documents Needed for Passport Renewal
     – List of Documents
3. How to Renew Indian Passport in Sydney
     – Step by Step Process, Submission, and Fees

How to Renew Indian Passport in Sydney

Who Handles Indian Passport Renewal in Sydney

The Government of India issue different types of passports and travel documents such as Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Official Passport, and Emergency Certificate. Indians who are applying for passport renewal in Australia are required to apply for this process through Indian Passport and Visa Services operated by VFS Global

In this application process, the area you are currently residing is known as jurisdiction. You can apply for your passport based on your jurisdiction.

How to Renew Indian Passport in Sydney

NRIs living in New South Wales State falls under Sydney jurisdiction. NRIs from the state of South Australia also belong to the Sydney jurisdiction, but if they are applying in person, they can use VFS – Adelaide service.

What are the Documents Needed for Passport Renewal

You need the following documents in order to apply for a normal passport renewal:

  • Duly filled Application Form
  • Two recent photographs (see specifications )
  • Current Original passport
  • Complete Personal Particular Form (downloadable )
  • Proof of Current Visa Status (VEVO/Visa Grant Notice/Visa sticker)
  • Appointment Letter (For applicants who are submitting the application in person)
  • Completed Passport Application Checklist

You may need to submit additional documents based on special conditions. All these requirements are noted on the Passport Application Checklist, which can be accessed .

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How to Renew Indian Passport in Sydney

Step to Follow

  1. Go to and read their instructions carefully.
  2. Identify the specific documents you will need for your passport renewal (Read the Checklist mentioned-above to complete this step successfully).
  3. Download the and Fill it according to the
  4. Reread the Application Form and other documents carefully and see that you have made no mistakes.
  5. Choose your Submission Method: by post or in person
  6. Submit your application.

Submitting in Your Application

As mentioned above, you can submit your application either by post or in person.

  • If you are applying by registered post, you can mail your application to GPO Box 2892 SYDNEY NSW 2001 
  • If you want to submit your application in person, you have to book an appointment. This can be done . The application center is located at:

Suite 1A, Level 8, 
189 Kent Street,
Sydney 2000.

Fee Structure

Charges for passport services are subject to change every month. You can calculate your fee with this .

The processing time for the application may be 4 -8 weeks depending on your passport type and your requirement. Now that you know the application procedure well, you will be able to renew your passport successfully. Please re-check whether you have you filled the application accurately and have all the necessary documents. 

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