How to Renew Indian Passport in USA

If your Indian passport is about to expire soon or all the pages have been filled, then it’s time to renew your Indian passport. You have to fill a new passport application form to renew the passport. However, renewal process may differ according to the country you are currently living in. This article explains how to renew Indian passport in USA. It’s important to note that Indian passport services are handled by Cox & King Global Services. Thus, all applications and communications associated with Indian passport renewal must be through CKGS.

Key Areas Covered

1. What are the Documents Needed for Passport Application
     – Documentation needed by Adults and Minors
2. How to Renew Indian Passport in USA
     – Step by Step Procedure
3. Who are Eligible for Passport Renewable
     – Ineligible Visa Holders

How to Renew Indian Passport in USA

What are the Documents Needed for Passport Application

Please keep the following documents ready before starting the passport renewal procedure:

For Adults:

  • Recent original Indian passport
  • US Legal Status details
  • Valid US Residence Proof

For Minors (below 18 years):

  • Recent original Indian passport
  • US Legal Status details
  • Valid US Residence Proof
  • Parents’ passports

How to Renew Indian Passport in USA

Given below is a step by step process that explains how to renew Indian passport in the USA.

Step 1

Go to and Click on  to begin your passport application process.

How to Renew Indian Passport in USA - Figure 1

Step 2

Fill in the widget. This widget contains questions that will help you to choose whether you are eligible for a passport, and help you to autofill the form if you are eligible.

Step 3

Get the Result Page, which will give you the following:

  • Complete Document Checklist
  • Passport Fees (Including CKGS Handling Charges)
  • Processing Times
  • Temporary Reference Number – Save this number as you will need it in the future

Step 4

Fill and sign supplementary forms and letters. Some fields will be auto-filled, so you only have to fill the blank fields. Note that some forms and letters have to be self-attested or notarized. Also, make sure that you have fulfilled photo and signature requirements.

Step 5

Choose the Mode of Submission. You have the options of shipping or walk-in.

Step 6

Make the Payment. These payments have to be made online by Credit cards.


(Consular Fee)

Passport Fees

As per adult/minor and
applicable category

ICWF – Indian Community Welfare Fund



(CKGS Fee)

CKGS Service Fee

$19.95 per application

Optional Fee

Courier Service, text message etc.

Total Payment A + B

 Note that these charges are subject to change and payment has to be made separately for each applicant.

Step 7

Full out Government of India Online Passport Form. You can access this . You can use the given by CKGS to fill this form. You will be given a new reference number from the Government site, which will be needed later for CKGS site as well. Save this number.

Step 8

Go back to CKGS site and fill in the government passport application reference number .

Step 9

Submit Your Physical Application to CKGS via shipping or walk-in option as selected by you to the CKGS Indian Passport Application Center as per the Jurisdiction of your application.

After submission, you can track your application through the

How to Renew Indian Passport in USA

Who are Eligible for Passport Renewable

Certain categories of citizens are not eligible to renew Indian passports.

  • B1/B2 visa holders can only be accepted under lost and damaged category.
  • AS6, AS7, AS8 and CO8 visa holders are illegible for passport renewal.
  • Indian refugees will not be issued Indian passport.

If your passport is about to be expired or if all the pages in the passport are filled, then it’s time to renew your passport. If you are eligible for passport renewal, you can renew your Indian passport in the USA by following the above-given steps. 

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