How to Use Bewildered in a Sentence

What Does Bewildered Mean

Bewildered basically means to be confused about something. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of this word to understand its meaning better.

Definition of Bewildered

Oxford Dictionary: Confused and indecisive; puzzled.

American Heritage Dictionary:

  1. To confuse or befuddle, especially by being complicated or varied.
  2. To cause to lose one’s bearings; disorient

Synonyms: confused, perplexed, puzzled, disconcerted, confounded, stunned, etc.

Antonyms: clearheaded, unconfused, oriented

Grammatical Features of Bewildered

  • Bewildered is derived from the base verb bewilder.
  • Bewildered can be the past tense or past participle of bewilder or,
  • Bewildered can be the adjective form of bewilder.

How to Use Bewildered in a Sentence

How to Use Bewildered in a Sentence

When to use Bewildered: 

For example, imagine that your friend is behaving in a strange way, if you are confused or puzzled about his/her behavior, you can say that his/her behavior ‘bewilders’ you.  If a person acts as if he is confused, you can use the adjective ‘bewildered’ to describe that person. (The bewildered man tried to find who stole his hat.)  These are the various ways in which you could use the word bewildered in a sentence.

Bewildered as an Adjective:

1. Everyone laughed at the bewildered look on his face.

2. The bewildered soldier tried to find his way.

3. The scared and bewildered child started crying for her mother.

4. The students looked bewildered at the end of the lecture.

5. The bewildered audience did not realize that the singer was having a seizure.

6. The bewildered dog kept barking at his reflection in the mirror.

7. When I opened my eyes, people around me were giving me bewildered looks.

8. His wild, bewildered stare scared us.

9. The bewildered soldiers wondered why their captain has abandoned them.

10. She looked completely bewildered, which was a complete contradiction to her calm and composed nature.

Bewildered as a Verb:

1. Everyone was bewildered by his strange behavior.

2. We were bewildered by the strange noises coming out of our neighbor’s house.

3. The reflection in the mirror seems to bewilder the baby.

4. The students were bewildered by the gibberish coming out of the professor’s mouth.

5. My parents were completely bewildered by the change in my brother.

6. The snow and the wind bewildered the horse.

7. The customers were bewildered by the new exchange policy.

8. He was completely bewildered and kept asking us to repeat the news.

9. No one was bewildered by his sudden changes in mood; after all, he was a temperamental artist.

10. She was absolutely bewildered at the fuss we were making.

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