How to Write a Tribute to My Grandfather

How to Write a Tribute to My Grandfather

A tribute is a speech or an essay that is intended to show gratitude, appreciation and respect. We often make mistakes in writing a tribute as most of us are not exactly sure what to include in a tribute. If you want to write a tribute to your grandfather, you should follow these guidelines.

Before you start writing the tribute, think about the following aspects.

What are your important memories associated with your grandfather?

What are the words you would use to describe your grandfather?

What are the most admired qualities of your grandfather?

How did your grandfather influence your life?

What did he teach you?

What do you think about him?

How to Write a Tribute to My Grandfather

You should also talk with the other members of your family. Your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles may also have certain unique memories of their own. Look for memories that characterize your grandfather the most. You can also use these memories in your speech. Don’t just list out the qualities of your grandfather, use specific incidents to illustrate your points. For example, if your grandfather had a great sense of humor, don’t just say that he had a great sense of humor, instead talk about your memory where he played a joke on someone. Use memories, quotes and anecdotes to make your speech more interesting.

Remember that tribute is not a bibliography. Don’t try to talk about your grandfather’s entire life. Instead, tell your story – how you saw the grandfather and what he was to you. Narrate your personal experiences. Some of your family might already know these stories. But not everyone has the same memory of your grandfather; someone might see him as a friend, another as an uncle, yet another as an employee. So, your position and memories as his grandchild are unique.

A tribute should always be honest. Don’t attribute exaggerated divine qualities to your grandfather – most of your audience might realize that you are not being entirely truthful. If you are talking about his achievements and accomplishments, try to maintain a humble and sincere tone. At the same time, don’t talk about his negative qualities. Always focus on the positive qualities, not the negative qualities.

The conclusion of your tribute should review everything you have said in the body of the speech. The tribute should reflect the bond between you and your grandfather.  A successful tribute always comes from the heart. So, be sincere, truthful and genuine in your speech.

Qualities of a Good Tribute

  • Use stories and memories
  • Not Biographical
  • Talk about positive qualities
  • Contain personal experiences
  • Describe specific incidents
  • Genuine and sincere
  • Reflects the bond between the speaker and the recipient of the tribute

Sample Tribute to Grandfather

Sample Eulogy for Grandfather

You can download this sample tribute by clicking on this link. Sample Tribute for Grandfather

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