How to Write a Tribute to My Grandmother

A tribute is an indication of gratitude, appreciation and respect. Writing a tribute to your grandmother is a way of honoring her and showing her gratitude for all the things she has done for you. But how do you write a tribute to your grandmother? This is what we are going to explain in this article.

How to Write a Tribute to My Grandmother

Before start writing the tribute, organize your thoughts. Decide the content of the tribute first. Summarizing your grandmother’s life in a short speech is impossible. There is also no need to summarize the life story of your grandmother in your tribute. A tribute is not a biography. So, rather than narrating the story of grandmother’s life, you should focus on your relationship with her as her grandchild. Concentrate on the memories you shared with your grandmother, what she taught you, what she enjoyed in life, how she influenced your life and why you will miss her. Use memories or incidents that characterize her best.

How to Write a Tribute to My Grandmother

It’s the stories and memories about your grandmother that will make your tribute special and unique. Many people in your audience may not have seen her in the role of a grandmother. Others might have seen her in different roles such as mother, aunt, friend, colleague, employee, and neighbor. So, you can talk about your memories of the grandmother, how you saw her, what you loved about her, her qualities and her talents.

When you are talking about her qualities, don’t just list out different qualities, use specific memories to illustrate your points. For example, if your grandmother was very compassionate and generous, don’t just say that she was generous and compassionate; talk about an incident where she showed this compassion and generosity. These memories, quotes and anecdotes make your speech more interesting.

Your tribute should reflect the bond between your grandmother and you. But at the same time, it shouldn’t tell us about what you feel and what you think. The main focus of the tribute is your grandmother.

It is always better to have someone close to look at your speech and edit the content. Then you can see whether your speech is interesting and whether it is too subjective.

Remember that your tribute won’t be perfect in the first draft. You have to re-read and edit it several times and take feedback from family if you want to produce a good tribute to your grandmother.

Sample Tribute to Grandmother

Sample Tribute To Grandmother

You can download this sample tribute by clicking this link – Sample Tribute to Grandmother

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