Sample Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa

Tips for Writing Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa

If you are inviting your friends and relatives who live aboard to visit your country or if you are invited by friends or relatives to visit their country, you have to submit an invitation letter to obtain visitor’s visa.

There is no specific method or style to write this letter, but what’s important is that all the relevant information should be provided in the invitation letter.

It should include the following information about the visitor.

Complete name
Date of birth
The person’s address and telephone number
Your relationship to the person being invited
The purpose of the trip
How long the person intends to stay in the country
Details about accommodation and living expenses
The date the person intends to leave the country

This letter should also include information about you.

Complete name
Address and telephone number
Your status in the country (whether you are a citizen, permanent resident, etc.)

You can get more information about this letter from the relevant country’s official website that deals with immigration.

Sample Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa

23A, Seaside Avenue,

09th May, 2016
High Commission of Canada,
Commonwealth Avenue,
Canberra ACT 2600 

Dear Visa Officer,

RE: Application for Tourist Visa for Jane Adams; 06th December 1981; Passport Number – A0001010

I am writing to confirm that I wish to invite Jane Adams, a good friend of mine for over 10 years, to visit me for 3 weeks to have a short holiday. We both find the period from 1st June 2016 to 21st June convenient.

I’m a citizen of Canada and currently working as a pediatrician at Bellerose Children’s Hospital, Mississauga.

I live in a spacious house with my family of three and I’m able to accommodate Jane Adams for the duration of her stay in Canada, and her living expenses will also be paid by me.

Jane Adam’s personal details are as below 

Full name: Jane Adams
Date of birth: 06th December 1981
Address: 940 Dookie–Nalinga Road, Dookie, Victoria, 3647
Telephone number:

I have also enclosed the following documents for your consideration as required.

Copy of my birth certificate
Copy of my passport bio page
Rental Documents /Council rate payment slip as proof of accommodation
Pay slip and Bank Statements as proof of income

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further details.

Yours faithfully,

Miriam Georgiana Davidson
23A, Seaside Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario
Contact: Telephone +38002480357 or email [email protected]

You can also download this letter template by clicking the following link.


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