What are the Famous Places to Visit in Ooty

Since Ooty, also known as Ootachmund, is a very famous hill station in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, knowing what are the famous places to visit in Ooty, if you are visiting Ooty, is a good idea. Dubbed as the queen of hills, this is perhaps the most popular hill station in South India. It is situated at a height on the Nilgiri Hills and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all parts of India every year. This hill town is renowned for its natural scenery that includes lush green alpine woods and calm and crystal clear lakes. What are the famous places to visit in Ooty is a question often asked by tourists who have a desire to visit this hill town in Tamil Nadu. This article takes a look at some of the most popular places of tourist attraction in Ooty.

Famous Places to Visit in Ooty

Ooty Botanical gardens

This is one of the top most attractions of Ooty with tourists usually beginning their sojourn in Ooty with a visit to the botanical gardens. Spread over an area of 50 acres, this lush green garden was built in 1847 by Marquis of Tweedale over the slopes of an ascending hill. You can find many beautiful species of flowering trees inside this garden where you can spend a long time for relaxation. There is a fossil tree in this garden that is believed to be 20 million years old. You can even see some Toda huts in this garden where Todas, the original inhabitants of the Nilgiris live. The Flower Show at the annual Summer Festival held here is a major tourist attraction.

Ooty Lake

This is a beautiful L shaped lake made by John Sullivan in the year 1823 by damming some of the mountain streams flowing in the Nilgiris. He was also the founder of this hill station. The lake is surrounded by shrubs and eucalyptus trees and you can hire boats to enjoy the serene waters and the natural scenery around the lake. Boat races are organized in May every year that attracts lots of tourists. There is a boathouse at the end of the lake that is a hub for entertainment for the visitors. There is even a kid’s park near this boat house with a toy train. You can also ride a pony to have fun here.

What are the Famous Places to Visit in Ooty

Dobbabetta Peak – highest point of Ooty

This is the highest point of Ooty from where you can get panoramic views of the Nilgiri hills. It has a height of 2623 meters above the sea level and lies just 10km away from Ooty. You must carry a camera with you to catch all the breathtaking natural scenery that you can see from here. There is a telescope here that you can use to get a better view of the surroundings around the peak.

Shooting Spot in Ooty

Also locally known as 6th mile, this is a place situated 6 miles from Ooty. You will be mesmerized by the lush greenery and the forests surrounding this place that has been used by many movie makers to include in their movies.

Rose Garden of Ooty

You simply cannot miss this beautiful garden if you love rose flowers. There are more than 20000 rose plants belonging to thousands of rose varieties to mesmerize you with their beauty and charm. This garden has the highest variety of roses in the entire country. Some of the most beautiful ones are Rambler, Floribunda, Miniature Rose, tea rose, etc. This garden is only one of the 15 rose gardens around the world that have received the coveted Garden of Excellence award from World Federation of Rose Societies.

Kalhatty Waterfalls

Situated at a distance of just 13km from Ooty, these waterfalls are very popular among the tourists. These waterfalls are formed through rivers and streams that fall to a spot 36 meters below. Kalhatty waterfalls are a part of the Kalhatty Ghats. This region is famous for its wildlife that includes panthers, buffaloes, bison, and sambar.

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There are many other places of tourist attraction in the hill station of Ooty such as Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary, Pykara Lake, Avalanche Lake, Glenmorgan, Emerald Lake, etc. that you must visit when you are in Ooty.

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