What is Indian Head Massage

What is Indian head massage is a question often asked by westerners as they do not understand the full implication of this practice that is centuries old. As the name implies, this is a massage therapy that evolved in India thousands of years ago. It is believed that this head massage, also called champi in India, brings deep relaxation to the individual and helps in removing all his stress and tiredness. This article takes a closer look at this unique head massage therapy.

Indian head massage History

There are people who say that the famous Indian head massage evolved from the traditions of Ayurveda. However, it is also said that Indian head massage evolved as a grooming practice. It is a practice that is a result of living together in joint families and where people in families provided relief from stress and headache to each other using this head massage therapy. Mothers used to give head massage to their daughters to groom them and to help them develop long and lustrous locks. Whatever may be the point of origin, there is no denying the fact that most Indians enjoy being massaged by a family member with the massage done using oil, usually, coconut oil.

What is indian head massage

Multiple benefits of Indian head massage

Indian head massage is not just time pass as it can relax not just your body but also mind if done in a proper manner. It is not just the head that is massaged in this massage therapy, but the practitioner also massages the neck and the shoulders to increase mobility and flexibility in these joints. This massage leads to elimination of toxins from inside the body and improve blood circulation inside the brain of the individual. It also relieves all sorts of pains such as head and shoulder pains. One benefit that most people experience is the reduction of stress and tension from their minds. This is the reason millions of Indians ask for a head massage from their spouses or kids after coming back to home from work.

Indian Head Massage Gets rid of head and shoulder pains

Massaging the head and the face in gentle, circular movements reduces eye strain to a great extent. Headache is a common problem in India and most people find a head massage a wonderful way to get over this problem. Indian head massage improves the blood circulation inside the brain. This is the reason behind people experiencing relief from stress and headaches. Many people find it difficult to sleep at night. Indian head massage induces relaxation to the senses of the individual and thus aids in a sound sleep.

Conditions in which Indian head massage can work wonders

• Headaches.
• Sleep disorders and deprivation.
• Shoulder and neck pains.
• Anxiety, stress, and depression.
• Prevents hair loss and helps in the growth of hair.
• Reduces eyestrain.
• Improves the symptoms of sinus.

Indian head massage increases the blood flow inside the brain and increases the supply of oxygen to the brain. This makes the individual feel better after having a massage from the hands of a family member and all his stress and strain are gone in a few minutes.

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