What is Smart Casual for Women

Many people find the term smart casual confusing since it can refer to many styles. It is important to know what is meant by smart casual in order to dress appropriately for occasions that require smart casual attire. 

This article explains,

     1. What is Smart Casual?
            – General descriptions, occasions

     2. What is Smart Casual for Women?
            – Features, Tips
            – What should be worn for Smart Casual
            – What should not be worn for Smart Casual

What is Smart Casual

Smart casual is a very confusing dress code since there seems to be no set definition about it. This style can be worn for casual outings, work, parties or even weddings. Thus, the same smart casual attire can be worn for all these occasions. Various fashion houses, stylists, and fashion experts give different definitions to this dress code. However, it is commonly accepted that smart casual style should be not too formal or casual; the main aim of smart casual attire is to look smart, slick and neat. So you cannot wear whatever you want. The following guidelines will help you to decide what to wear for smart casual events.

What is Smart Casual for Women

Women can choose from a wide range of clothes. As mentioned above, smart casual dress code allows you to combine different elements from various other styles. For example, you can wear jeans for smart casual style, as long as you pair it with dressy tops and accessories that would make you look smart and dressy. However, it’s usually darker colored jeans that don’t have holes or tears are used for this style.

What is Smart Casual for Women

For women, the easiest way to achieve a smart casual look is to wear a dress. A chic mid-length (should at least reach the top of your knees) dress is perfect for smart casual attire. However, mini dresses, evening gowns, dresses with sequins should not be worn for smart casual look.

You can either wear skirts or dress trousers for smart casual style. However, skirts should reach at least the top of your knees. These can be matched with silk or satin blouses, turtlenecks, etc. of solid color or small prints. An elegant blazer or a cardigan can also make you look more chic and smart. Remember, if your top seems to be casual, you can balance this by wearing an elegant and formal skirt or pants, and if your skirt or trouser is more suitable for casual wear, match it with a dressy top. Accessories, shoes, and purses can also be used to make your clothes look smarter and more attractive. 

Given below are some clothing items that should and should not be worn for smart casual.  

What should be worn for Smart Casual

  • mid-length dresses
  • mi-length skirts
  • trousers
  • blazers or cardigans
  • blouses with small prints or solid color
  • clutch bags
  • shawls
  • accessories
  • shoes
  • ballerina flatsWhat is Smart Casual for Women - 2

What should not be worn for Smart Casual

  • T-shirts
  • Tops with very large prints, slogans or logos
  • Evening gowns
  • Sportswear
  • Large tote bags
  • Flip flops
  • Ripped or faded jeans

As described in this article, you smart casual attire should not look too formal or casual. Always try to achieve a balance between the two by using various elements from both styles. However, if you are not sure what the occasion requires, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

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