When is Valentine’s Day

Valentine Day, a day dedicated to love and romance, is celebrated all over the world in various ways. This special day gives people a special opportunity to show their love and appreciation to the people they love and adore. Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February every year. Some lovers celebrate this day by giving presents, flowers, or cards to their loved ones, or by spending time with their loved ones. Some people also confess their love, propose to their lovers or get married on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is known as the most romantic day of the year. 

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What is Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day of the year when lovers show their love and affection to each other. People use various methods to show their love; some give flowers, Valentine cards, chocolate, jewellery or other gifts to show their love and appreciation. Some lovers also go on romantic dates or outings on this day and spend time with each other. When is Valentine’s Day - 3

Flowers (especially roses), heart shapes, images and statues of cupids, doves, Cupid’s bow and arrows, colours pink and red are symbols of Valentin’s Day.


Although Valentine’s Day is now associated with love, it has its roots in religious legends. There are at least three different martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus. In one legend, Valentine was a Roman priest who went against the Emperor’s rules and married young lovers in secret. He was executed by the orders of the emperor when his actions were discovered. According to yet another legend, Valentine was a prisoner who sent the first Valentine letter to a girl he has fallen in love with; it is said that he signed the letter as ‘From your Valentine’, an expression which is still in use. Most people believe that Valentine is celebrated in February to commemorate the death anniversary of Valentine. However, some sources claim that Christian Church celebrates the St. Valentine’s Day in the middle of February in order to Christianize ancient Roman festival Lupercalia.

When is Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day always falls on the 14th of February every year. Therefore, it can fall on any day of the week. However, regardless of whether this date falls on a weekend or a weekday, it is always celebrated on 14th, i.e., that is the numerical date. When Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, many couples tend to celebrate on the weekend before or after February 14th.

When is Valentine's Day

On 2018, February 14th falls on a Wednesday. If you want to know on which day of the week Valentine’s Day falls in the coming years, you can check out the following table.

2019 Thursday
2020 Friday
2021 Sunday
2022 Monday
2023 Tuesday
2024 Wednesday
2025 Friday
2026 Saturday
2027 Sunday
2028 Monday
2029 Wednesday
2030 Thursday

In the Lutheran Church and Anglican Communion, Valentine’s Day is an official feast day. Saint Valentine’s Day is also celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Church, but on July 6th and July 30th.

In brief, Valentines’ Day, which falls on February 14th, is celebrated by lovers all over the world. This is the most romantic day of the year, and couples celebrate it in many different ways.

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