Why is Abraham Lincoln Famous

‘Why is Abraham Lincoln famous’ is a question often asked by people of the present generation who are not aware of the contributions made by this great man to preserve the unity and integrity of the country. Abraham Lincoln served as the President of US from 1861-1865. He was the 16th President of the country and many believe him to be the best of all the Presidents. He remains famous and popular even to this day because of his leadership qualities that he displayed during the American Civil War. His speeches are remembered till today and his efforts for the emancipation of slaves led to the passing of the Thirteenth Amendeclared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCOdment in the constitution of the US. This article attempts to explain the reasons why Lincoln remains extremely famous even today.

Abraham Lincoln Facts

Preserved the integrity of the country

Lincoln was the President during the long American Civil War. His election caused seven southern states to secede from the Union. These states formed a new country called Confederacy. He showed exemplary courage and leadership qualities in those hard times and remained adamant on defeating Confederacy despite facing pressures from colleagues and generals at the war front. It was only because of his brave and courageous attitude that the country was prevented from breaking into two parts.

Why is Abraham Lincoln Famous

Great effort in ending slavery

Abraham Lincoln was a vociferous supporter of abolition of slavery. He toiled hard to pass the legislation called Emancipation Proclamation though it did not bring an end to slavery. It was only after the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the constitution that slavery could be abolished. Lincoln’s undying efforts paved the way for enactment of Thirteenth Amendment, but he did not live to see the end of slavery as he was assassinated before that.

Famous for his speeches

Abraham Lincoln is known for his famous speeches. There is a long list of such speeches, but t he most remembered is Gettysburg Address. It was in this speech that he talked about the challenges faced by the country during the Civil War. He urged a part of the Gettysburg battlefield to be remembered in the honor of brave soldiers who fought hard and died in the battlefield. He gave this speech on 1 November 1863 and this short speech is still believed to be one of the greatest speeches made by American Presidents. Some of his other famous speeches are House Divided Speech, First Inaugural Speech, and Cooper Union Address.

Why is Abraham Lincoln Famous 02

Famous for his unique leadership style

Abraham Lincoln was a great administrator and his style of leadership was such that he did not need to be coercive to persuade others to agree to his point of view. It was his strong character, humility, and honesty that made him so successful as the President of the country. It was during his term that National Banking Act, Homestead Act, and Morrill Act were passed. He was instrumental in passing an act that paved the way for the transcontinental railroad.

Abraham Lincoln was a great orator and some of his quotes are very famous till today. These quotes are used by modern Presidents to infuse courage and confidence among the people.

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