Why is Anzac Day Important

If you are new to Australia, you may wonder why is Anzac Day so important. Anzac Day is a day of great importance for not only Australians but also New Zealanders. This day is observed in both countries on April 25 every year. The anniversary of Anzac day is considered a very important national occasion. This day marks the anniversary of a joint military action in which soldiers from both Australia and New Zealand fought together on the side of the British Empire. This day is observed by the people in Australia and New Zealand in honor of their gallant soldiers who laid their lives for the cause of their nations.

Why is Anzac Day Important – Facts

Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

Anzac is an acronym that stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. It was on April 25, 1915 that Anzacs landed at Gallipoli. The day was marked as Anzac Day and it has been observed every year on this day since then. People remember the sacrifice of the soldiers and celebrate the day by recognizing the valor, courage, and the fighting spirit of thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in this war.

Why is Anzac Day Important

What is the legend behind Anzac Day

The First World War broke out in 1914. Australia had been a part of the Commonwealth for only 13 years at that time. Government at that time was eager to establish a new identity for Australia in the comity of nations. With the British Empire on the side of the allies, Australia plunged into action by sending an army corps made up of Australian and New Zealand soldiers. Anzacs were sent to fight with the Turkish forces as they had sided with Germany. The aim of the Anzacs was to evict the Turks from Gallipoli peninsula as this would have opened Dardanelles for the use of the allied forces. Anzacs arrived in Gallipoli to strike a blow to the forces of the Ottoman Empire, but they met with fierce resistance and the battle continued for several months. Thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers got killed in this war. With no result in sight, Anzacs were evacuated from Gallipoli by the allied forces. The Australians welcomed their homecoming and this day of April 25 became the day to remember the sacrifice of the brave Australian and New Zealand soldiers who laid their lives in the battlefield.

Anzacs have left behind a powerful legacy

Although the Anzacs could not achieve their objective of defeating the Turkish forces, Anzacs left behind a huge impact on the minds of the people of both Australia and New Zealand. Anzac legend has continued to this day as it reminds the people of both countries about the first joint military action taken by the soldiers of these countries. Today Anzac Day has become a day of national importance as it gives an opportunity to the people to remember the courage and sacrifice of Australian soldiers during the First World War and later during the Second World War.

Commemorative services are held at not just Gallipoli but all across the country on April 25 every year. Marches are conducted by ex-servicemen in all major cities of the country in the evening.

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